Undergraduate Research Symposium: Honoring Mentors

Undergraduate Research Sympoium presenters extend thanks to their research mentors and others that have supported them through the research process:

My research mentor has been a one-of-a-kind leader who has helped me transition from a student who just does what he is told to an investigator who independently analyzes problems and comes up with solutions. He had guided all of my research and taught me the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. I will forever appreciate his guidance and support.

I would like to extend special gratitude to Professor Benjamin Callard for an enlightening course on Frege and his enriching guidance in the composition of this paper. I am also deeply thankful to Professor Malte Willer for illuminating my path into the philosophy of language as well as John Ellison, Malynne Sternstein, and Andrei Pop of the Fundamentals Department for helping workshop the ideas of the paper both within the Fundamentals thesis colloquium and well beyond it. Each of the above influences has substantially empowered this work and is directly responsible for my growing interest in and understanding of the philosophy of language. -Kyle Shishkin

Special thanks to Dr. Reder and Dr. Feng from the Reder Lab for all their support and expertise through my entire project! -Avi Fogel

I would like to take a moment to thank my research mentor, Professor David Miller. He has been incredibly helpful and understanding as I worked through my research project, and provided me with invaluable advice. I have learned and grown so much as a physics student during the course of this research project. Working under his guidance these past several months has been a pleasure. -Daniel Paraizo

I want to thank my advisor, Professor Clemens, for her enormous help over the course of writing this paper. -Tianhao Hou

I am very grateful to my mentor Professor Susan Levine and my graduate student mentors Arta Deluna and Jake Butts as well as Professor Anne Henly who all gave me tremendous guidance, encouragement, and support throughout the whole process of this project. -Emily Knopf

There are so many people who guided, supported, critiqued, and helped me throughout the process of researching and writing. I particularly owe so much thanks to Dan Raeburn, creative writing professor and my thesis advisor, for supporting this project back when it was just a pipe dream, and for offering rigourous guidance and feedback throughout. -Oren Oppenheim

Thank you to Dr. Patnaik for his continued mentorship and guidance, as well as the post-doctoral fellows at the Patnaik Lab. -Farah Doughan

From my first week at the University of Chicago to this final presentation, Professor Andrei Pop has given me the support I've needed to think boldly, write creatively, and learn joyously. I am a better scholar and a better person because of his mentorship. I offer him my sincerest thanks. -Mahria Baker

Dr. Andrew Ferguson is committed not only to cutting edge research, but also to educating a new generation of scientists. He currently supports three undergraduates as well as advises twelve Ph.D. students. He has helped me work through kinks in my research and guided me greatly in my studies over my three years with the lab. -Joe Aulicino

I would like to thank Dr. Chibueze Amanchukwu and Reginaldo Jose Gomes Neto for the support and guidance in enabling this research to occur, as well as the entirety of Amanchukwu Lab. -Christopher Birch

I would like to thank my research mentors Jacob Bean and Andreas Seifahrt for their support throughout the academic year. Their insight helped me become a better researcher and gave me the tools necessary to believe I could complete research in an undergraduate and beyond. -Jorge Sanchez

I would like to thank my primary research mentor, Professor Lenore Grenoble. I started working with her during my first year of undergraduate, and I could no predict how influential an experience it would become. While I knew that I was interested in linguistics before coming to college, working for Prof. Grenoble has shaped my current academic interests as well as my future goals in a variety of ways, and I will be forever grateful to her. -Jonathan Wuwong

I would like to thank the numerous individuals who provided guidance and support throughout this project. Thank you to Samantha Steinmetz for offering constructive critiques every step of the way and keeping me on track! Thank you to Marjory Betley for serving as my anchor to the admissions process and offering critical insight regarding higher education policies. I appreciate the direction and advice given by Dr. Jennifer Delaney regarding quantitative analysis. Thank you to Akil Bello for assistance with data collection and project guidance. This thesis would not have been possible without the quantitative skills I learned from Alex Weinberg – thank you for your patience and encouragement as I learned how to code and for supporting me throughout this project. I am so grateful for the dozens of college counselors who took the time to fill out my survey and for those who allowed me to interview them about their experiences. I would like to thank my mother for her expert advice as she worked on her own dissertation. Thank you to my family for being my biggest supporters and cheerleaders! -Eliana Melmed

I am deeply grateful to Prof. Tian Zhong for allowing me to join his lab group and work on this project. He provided me the opportunity to work on an exciting and novel project that has the potential to be genuinely impactful. I am also indebted to Shobhit Gupta for his mentorship. I would have not been able to make any progress were it not for his guidance. His clear explanations gave me the conceptual knowledge I needed and he patiently aided me whenever I hit a roadblock. -Ahmed Malik

I wanted to thank my research advisor Professor Marcia Tan for giving me the opportunity to join her research lab last summer as a part of the BSCD Summer Public Health Research Fellowship. She allowed me to grow more informed about the public health field and acquainted with experts and scholars at the University of Chicago Department of Public Health Sciences. I greatly appreciate her mentorship this past year and her assistance in preparing me for this symposium. -Jake Gillis

Professor Henly has been an incredible research mentor. She has challenged my thinking and encouraged me to take ownership of my ideas. I couldn't be more grateful to have the opportunity to work with and learn from her. -Zara Malik

I am indebted to the mentorship of Amelia Klein, who gave me direction and academic grounding for this research project, whose class on the Holocaust first introduced me to the complex politics of memorial work in transitional justice settings. I would also like to appreciate Erin McFee, whose Anthropology seminar on Trust and Betrayal was a generative avenue for me to explore my academic interest in the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh. On that note, I am also deeply appreciative of my parents and relatives, whose generous sharing on 1971 has always been a powerful commitment to active memorial. Finally, I would like to thank Alexis Franciszkowicz for always being so patient and thorough in her careful peer-reading and refining my work. -Wahid Al Mamun

My sincerest thanks to Lia Markey, who first hired me as an intern on the Newberry's Nova Reperta exhibit in January 2020, and who invited me to join the "Learning from Premodern Plagues" project. Thank you as well to the other Newberry staff members I have worked with over the course of the last eighteen months, including Becky Fall, Christopher Fletcher, Mary Hale, Suzanne Karr Schmidt, and Liesl Olson. It is a delight and an honor to work with and learn from you all. -Stephanie Reitzig

Surely verbal gratitude doesn't suffice for most of our mentors, and it certainly doesn't for mine, Julia Koschinsky. Her creativity, generosity, and intelligence will surely inspire me for several years in the future. Knowing and working under her tutelage has been an enormous pleasure. -Atman Mehta

Thank you Issa Lampe and Lisa Zaher! -Talia Ratnavale

Thanks to Ellen MacKay and Nell Pach for many invaluable Zoom meetings and discussions, guidance, and advice on my project. This would have been impossible without your help! -Nicholas Peno

Many thanks to Joy Bergelson, Andy Gloss and Talia Karasov for many fruitful discussions and mentorship in this work. I couldn't have done it without you! -Peter Laurin

Thank you so much for your guidance and patience with me over the past academic year! -Isabella DeClue

I am thankful to Professor Ed Munro for welcoming me into his lab and guiding me throughout this project, as well as Charlie Lang for his mentorship and expertise. These two individuals have been a huge influence on my development as a student and as a scientist, and I am very glad to have benefited from their knowledge, encouragement, and inspiring example. -Eric Chen

I would like to thank Professor Yao Lai of Princeton for reviewing the poster and providing us with motivation for a Lagrangian approach. In addition, I would like to thank Professors Luke Copland of UOttawa, Derek Mueller of Carleton College, Allison Banwell of CIRES, and Olga Sergienko of Princeton for stimulating research input and dialogue. Last but not least, I would like to thank Professor Douglas MacAyeal for all of his help this year as a mentor and teacher, and for introducing me to the field of Glaciology! -Niall Coffey

My research mentor Professor Susanne Paulus has inspired me in so many ways ever since I met her during a class in my first year, the class which first introduced me to Assyriology and quite literally therefore changed my life and career plans. She has always been incredibly supportive of me in every way possible, from encouraging my research interests and writing in courses to writing me letters of recommendation for fellowship opportunities, to mentoring me in my research assistant position with the Tablet Collection. I can only hope that some day I could be half as wonderful a professor as she is. Getting to work with her is such a privilege, and I am so grateful. Thank you! -Maddie Ouimet

Professor Carson has been an invaluable source of guidance, insights, and support throughout this research project. I could not have arrived at the conclusions or confidence I have today without him. Thank you Professor Carson! -Diego Quesada

I would like to thank all of my professors, academic mentors, and teaching assistants that I have had the pleasure to meet and interact with throughout my four years in the University of Chicago. Specifically, I would like to thank both of my preceptors Xiaogao Zhou and Agatha Slupek for patiently providing valuable feedback during this whole process. Additionally, I would like to thank Kristen Schilt for being my advisor and providing both academic and personal support during my time at the University of Chicago. I would like to thank all of my friends and family who listened my research and made the whole process easier. I was able to finish my undergraduate journey because of all of the support, love, and care that was provided from y’all. I would like to also offer myself a celebration. I was able to finish all portions of this project and allow myself time to grow as an academic, as a researcher, and as an individual. This topic is very important to who I am as a queer son of Mexican immigrants who struggled with navigating and negotiating the terms of masculinity within my Latinx community. Thank you to all who have taken the time to read and understand my work. I hope you all enjoy it. -Jose Morin

I would like to sincerely thank Lindsey Dzierozynski, who I have worked closely with on this project, and my P.I. Alexander Muir, for all his continued support and help. I would also like to thank the generous support of the Global Health Research Scholars without which this research would not have been possible. -Rio Chen

I am grateful to professor Weixin Tang for allowing me to perform this research in her lab and providing me invaluable suggestions and advice. I also want to thank College Center for Research and Fellowship for their generous funding provided through the College Summer Research Scholars program. -Steven Xu

John and Adaner have been fantastic mentors throughout this project! I've learned so much about the history of prisons and punishment in the U.S. through this research and appreciate all of their support. -Meera Santhanam

Thank you to Alex Drlica-Wagner and Burcin Mutlu-Pakdil for all your help and guidance! I've really enjoyed working with you, and am excited to continue this research in the future. -Louise Gagnon

This research was supported by the National Science Foundation (BCS1827409). Thank you to Professor Alan C. L. Yu and Dr. Jinghua Ou for their guidance and mentorship. -Nicholas Aoki

I would like to thank Professor Yau Wah and the rest of the KOTO Collaboration for their help in the continuing success of my project. -Michael Farrington

I would like to thank Dr. Giger and Jordan Fuhrman for your mentorship, guidance, time, and support. -Beatrice Katsnelson

Thank you to Dr. Giger and Jordan Fuhrman for your guidance and mentorship during this research process. -Elise Katsnelson

This whole project was only possible thanks to the support and encouragement of my incredible research mentor, Professor Jenny Trinitapoli. Professor Trinitapoli gave me the opportunity to develop a unique and exciting project that matched my interests in law and society around the world when she invited me to conduct field work with her research team in Balaka, Malawi and helped me make connections with local traditional leaders. I am extremely grateful and indebted to her commitment to supporting undergraduates in research! -Emily Williams

Thanks to Keith Ruskin for all his help throughout the year. He's gone the extra mile to get me involved in projects throughout the year and to provide guidance and great feedback on my work. I really appreciate it! -Grace Richards

First and foremost I'd like to thank Diane Brentari, who welcomed a first-year undergrad into her upper-level seminar and gave them their first job in college working in her lab. That work kindled an existing interest in computational sign language, one that clearly has only grown stronger. That said, her work as an adviser on this project cannot be overlooked, or understated. Many thanks to Karen Livescu for advising me on this project, and for helping to guide me through the sea of deep learning models to a workable topic. Thank you to Bowen Shi, who has advised me on this another projects, and without whom I'm sure my code would not run on the TTIC cluster. Thank you to Aurora Martinez del Rio, for not only being my first boss on this campus, but also for her encouragement for this project. Thank you to Allyson Ettinger for letting me present my work, though unfinished, in her lab meetings. Finally, I'd like to thank Michael Hanna, who was the first person to ever introduce me to VAEs, and the first person I personally know to use them in an undergrad thesis. This project would have looked very different without him. -Zach Crenshaw

We wish to thank Drs. Yuzuru Anzai, Maria-Teresa Benedetto, W. Spencer McClelland, and Teresa Cheon for their unwavering support on this project both during the summer and during the academic year and are immensely grateful for the experience we were offered by their practice. -Noel Cercizi

I'd like to thank Prof. Cheng Chin and Connor Fieweger for all their help with this work—they have had so much patience with me teaching me how to be a more effective researcher. They enabled good ideas and guided me away from many blunders. I really could not have done this without them. Thank you both so much! -Callum Welsch

Thank you to Dr. Judit Prat for her mentorship, patience, and support throughout this project. -Nathalie Chicoine