University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium

The virtual 2021 UChicago Undergraduate Research Symposium
Friday, May 21, 2021 from 10am - 2pm CST
10:00am - 12:00pm: Session 1
12:00 - 2:00pm: Session 2


To view the individual and group virtual research abstracts and posters, **click on the blue hyperlinks** for Session 1 and Session 2


Once in the event platforms, you will find 103 published research abstracts, research posters, and some pre-recorded research presentation videos.


See below for a complete list of student presenter name(s) and their assigned session (Session 1 or Session 2). You may still review the research projects presented during the Symposium event.   

Thank you for celebrating undergraduate research and mentorship at the University of Chicago!

2021 virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium Presenters

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Students are listed alphabetically by primary presenter FIRST name 

SESSION 1: 10:00am - 12:00pm CST

SESSION 2: 12:00 - 2:00pm CST

Achyutha Menon, Molecular Engineering, 3rd-yr *Andrew Hallowell, Political Science, Statistics, 3rd-yr
*Ahmed Malik, Physics, 2nd-yr Anjali Kotamarthi, Biological Sciences, Health and Society, 2nd-yr
*Alexandra Hinkle, Chemistry, 3rd-yr *Anna Argulian, Biological Sciences, 2nd-yr
Alexandra Masegian, Astrophysics, English and Creative Writing, 2nd-yr Avi Fogel, Biological Chemistry, 2nd-yr
*Amara Cohen, Public Policy, 4th-yr *Bryan Gu, Psychology & Comparative Human Development, 3rd-yr
*Ariel Pan, Chemistry & Biochemistry, 4th-yr *Callum Welsh, Physics, 2nd-yr
Atman Mehta, Political Science, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, 4th-yr Chris Albert, Astrophysics & Mathematics, 3rd-yr
*Austin Christhilf, Political Science & Economics, 4th-yr *Christopher Birch, Chemistry, Neuroscience, 4th-yr
[Group] *Beatrice Katsnelson, Biological Sciences, Compter Science, Molecular Engineering Technology and Innovation, 2nd-yr; *Elise Katsnelson, Biological Sciences, Compter Science, Molecular Engineering Technology and Innovation, 2nd-yr  Daniel Paraizo, Physics & Mathematics, 3rd-yr
Cinque Carson, Public Policy, 4th-yr Eliana Melmed, Public Policy, Media, Arts, and Design, 4th-yr
*Diego Quesada, Law, Letters, and Society & Sociology, Human Rights, 3rd-yr Elisabeth Incardona, Biological Sciences, 3rd-yr
*Emily Williams, Law, Letters, and Society, Russian and Eastern European Studies, 4th-yr [Group] *Elise Katsnelson, Biological Sciences, Compter Science, Molecular Engineering Technology and Innovation, 2nd-yr; *Beatrice Katsnelson, Biological Sciences, Compter Science, Molecular Engineering Technology and Innovation, 2nd-yr
*Eric Chen, Biology & Chemistry, 4th-yr Ellie Zack, Biological Sciences, 4th-yr
*Eugen Craciunescu, Public Policy, Environmental and Urban Studies, 3rd-yr Emily Knopf, Psychology, Inequality, Social Problems, and Change, 4th-yr
*Ethan Hsi, History & Law, Letters, and Society, 3rd-yr  
Farah Doughan, Biological Sciences, Health and Societies, 2nd-yr *Gabriela Garcia, Classical Studies & Computer Science, 2nd-yr
*Grace Richards, Statistics, 3rd-yr Huiting Liu, Physics & Philosophy and Allied Fields, 3rd-yr
*Hannah Ye, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, 2nd-yr *Indi Khera, Biological Sciences, 3rd-Year
*Isabella DeClue, Statistics, Computer Science, 2nd-yr *Jaeda Roberts, Environmental Science, Recent Alum
Jacob Gillis, Public Policy, Healty and Society, 3rd-yr *Joao Shida, Molecular Engineering & Physics, 3rd-yr
Jacob Sims Speyer, Public Policy, Statistics, 4th-yr Jonathan Wuwong, Linguistics & Visual Arts, 3rd-yr
[Group] *Jacqueline Lewittes, Law, Letters, and Society, 3rd-yr; *Fady Shokry, Economics, 4th-yr *Jorge Sanchez, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 4th-yr
*Jared Siegel, Physics & Astrophysics, 3rd-yr *Kameel Khabaz, Biological Sciences, 2nd-yr
*Joseph Aulicino, Mathematics & Molecular Engineering, 3rd-yr *Karen Yuan, Biological Sciences, 3rd-yr
[Group] *Joshua Beirich, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, 2nd-yr; Clara Mikhail, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Music, 3rd-yr Kavita Parekh, Biological Chemistry, 3rd-yr
Jose Morin, Sociology & Gender and Sexuality, 4th-yr [Group] *Kelsey Gilchrist, Physics, 3rd-yr; Huiting Liu, Physics, 3rd-yr
*Jovan Stanisavic, Biological Sciences, 2nd-yr Kyle Shishkin, Philosophy & Fundamentals, Economics, 4th-yr
*Lily Liu, Mathematics, 4th-yr *Laura Chen, Biological Sciences & Public Policy, Statistics, 3rd-yr
*Lisa Lin, Physics, 4th-yr *Leya Luo, Mathematics, 3rd-yr
*Madeleine Ferrara, Economics & Visual Arts, 2nd-yr *Lisette Gonzalez-Flores, Sociology, Human Rights, 4th-yr
*Madeline Ouimet, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, 3rd-yr *Livia Guttieres, Physics & Mathematics, 2nd-yr
*Mahria Baker, English Language and Literature, 4th-yr *Louise Gagnon, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 3rd-yr
Maya Osman-Krinsky, Linguistics & Global Studies, Creative Writing, 4th-yr [Group] Lucas Baralt Nazario, Physics, Romance Languages and Literatures, 4th-yr; Connor Fieweger, Physics, Recent Alum 
Nathalie Chicoine, Astrophysics & English, 2nd-yr *Maria Krunic, Linguistics, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, 4th-yr
*Niall Coffey, Physics & Economics, 4th-yr Matthew (Javier) Gaughan, Environmental and Urban Studies, Chemistry, 4th-yr
[Group] Noel Cercizi, Chemistry & Psychology, 2nd-yr; Yifei Wu, Biochemistry, 2nd-yr; Crystal Park, Linguistics, 3rd-yr [Group] *Meera Santhanam, Political Science, Chemistry, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, 4th-yr; *Jeannette Wong, Philosophy, 2nd-yr; *Brianna Fadden, Public Policy & Environmental and Urban Studies, 4th-yr
*Nyaga Kariuki, Mathematics, Religious Studies, 2nd-yr *Melissa Tracy,  Biological Sciences, Health and Society, 3rd-yr
Oren Oppenheim, Creative Writing, History, 4th-yr *Michael Farrington, Physics, 3rd-yr
Peter Laurin, Biological Sciences, Statistics, 4th-yr [Group] Nicholas Aoki, Linguistics, Statistics, 4th-yr; Henry Mackall, Linguistics & Anthropology, Cinema & Media Studies, 3rd-yr
Peter Wang, Biological Sciences, History, 3rd-yr Nicholas Peno, English Language and Literature, Biological Sciences, 4th-yr
*Rahul Gupta, Biological Sciences & Classical Studies, 3rd-yr *Rebecca Greenberg, Psychology, Neuroscience, 3rd-yr
*Riona Chen, Psychology, 3rd-yr *Rosalind Pan, Biological Sciences & Computatational and Applied Mathematics, 3rd-yr
Ryan Hoang, Biological Sciences, 2nd-yr Sam Li, Physics & Mathematics, 3rd-yr
*Shicheng Liu, Computer Science & Mathematics, Physics, 3rd-yr *Talia Ratnavale, Chemistry & Anthropology, Art History, 4th-yr
*Simatul Rashid, South Asian Language and Civilizations, Biological Sciences, 4th-yr Wahid Al Mamun, Athropology, Inequality, Social Problems, & Change, 3rd-yr
*Stephanie Reitzig, History, Romance Languages and Literatures, 3rd-yr William Shine, Anthropology, History, 4th-yr
*Teis Jayaswal, Fundamentals: Issues and Texts & Philosophy, 3rd-yr *Wilson Turner, Molecular Engineering & Chemistry, Polymeric and Soft Materials, 2nd-yr
*Tianhao Hou, Sociology, 4th-yr *Wren McMillan, English Language and Literature, 2nd-yr
*Tinyan Dada, Comparative Human Development, Biological Sciences, 3rd-yr Yuhan Xu, Biological Chemistry & Mathematics, 3rd-yr
Willem Finn Harling, Gender and Sexuality Studies & Theater and Performance Studies, 3rd-yr Yunchong Zhang, Astrophysics, 3rd-yr
Yena Kim, Psychology, 4th-yr *Yunxiang (Tony) Song, Physics, Computer Science, 3rd-yr
Zack Crenshaw, Linguistics & Computer Science, 4th-yr *Zara Malik, Psychology, 3rd-yr

*2020-2021 Undergraduate Research Scholar  


Congratulations to all of the students that were accepted for presentation. 

Thank you to all of the research mentors for your guidance in support of these undergraduate researchers! Undergraduate researchers honor their mentors HERE


The 2021 University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium will celebrate more than 110 College students from across the years and disciplines who will present their undergraduate research. The Undergraduate Research Symposium is UChicago's only campus-wide interdisciplinary research event that welcomes all College students and recent alumni involved in undergraduate research and creative scholarship to present. 

Brought to you by the College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) in partnership with the Office of Research, the University of Chicago Library, the Collegiate Divisions, and the Office of the Dean.


Photo: Meera Santhanam, Bri Fadden, and Jenna Wong presenting their research at the 2021 virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium.