UChicago Undergraduate Research Symposium

Friday, May 6, 2022

10:00 AM-12:00 PM CT: SESSION 1 (click for poster archive)

1:00-3:00 PM CT: SESSION 2 (click for poster archive)

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm: In-person celebration reception in Harper Memorial Library 284-286 for presenters, faculty mentors, family and friends

To access the virtual Symposium sessions (read abstracts, view posters, speak to presenters) click on the hyperlinks for each session above.

Once in the event platform, you will find the published research abstracts, research posters, links to chat with presenters, and some pre-recorded research presentation videos.

See below for a complete list of student presenter name(s) and their assigned session (Session 1 or Session 2).

Undergraduate Research Symposium presenters share their gratitude for their faculty and research mentors--read their messages here!

Thank you for celebrating undergraduate research and mentorship at the University of Chicago!

2022 Undergraduate Research Symposium Presenter List

Session 1: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM CT Session 2: 1:00-3:00 PM CT
Aarthi Koripelly, 2nd-Year, Computer Science Abigail Case, 3rd-Year, Geophysical Sciences
Ahmed Zaki, 4th-Year, Political Science, Economics Aidan Jones, 2nd-Year, Physics
Aidan Cloonan, 3rd-Year, Astronomy and Astrophysics Ainsley Iwanicki, 2nd-Year, Chemistry
Alex Hinkle, 4th-Year, Chemistry Alex Rodriguez, 4th-Year, Biological Sciences
Alexis Hatch, 2nd-Year, History Alex Ellerstein, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences
Ana Bertuol, 2nd-Year, Biological Chemistry , Mathematics  Alexandra Masegian, 3rd-Year, Astrophysics
Angel Soba, 4th-Year, Environmental and Urban Studies Alina Kim, 4th-Year, Political Science, History
Anjali Mirmira, 3rd-Year, Chemistry Allie Chu, 3rd-Year, Computer Science, Media Arts and Design
Anna Argulian, 3rd-Year, Biology Amanda Hill, 2nd-Year, Biological Chemistry
Anurima Mummaneni, 2nd-Year, Neuroscience Anjali Kotamarthi, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences
Bernadette Miao, 3rd-Year, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry Areeha Khalid, 4th-Year, Biology, Comparative Human Development
Chi Ian Ip, 3rd-Year, Physics, Philosophy Audrey Scott, 2nd-Year, Astrophyics, Anthropology; Rowen Glusman, 3rd-Year, Astrophysics; Isaiah Escapa, 2nd-Year, Astrophysics, Creative Writing
Christina Pirrotta, 4th-Year, Molecular Engineering Beatrice Katsnelson, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences; Elise Katsnelson, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences
Claire Fuschi, 4th-Year, Molecular Engineering Benjamin Kash, 4th-Year, Chemistry, Molecular Engineering
Daisy Coates, 4th-Year, Art History, Cinema and Media Studies Blaise Munyampirwa, 4th-Year, Computer Science , Computational and Applied Mathematics
Doga Sarier, 4th-Year, Economics, Art History Bruce Ke Zhen Wen, 3rd-Year, Economics
Elaine Liang, 2nd-Year, Philosophy and Allied Fields Cal LeDoux, 2nd-Year, Geophysical Sciences
Ellie Ostroff, 3rd-Year, Chemistry Cassie Manrique, 4th-Year, Biological sciences
Emilio Rosas Linhard, 2nd-Year, Molecular Engineering Mudmee Sereeyothin, 2nd-Year, Neuroscience, Psychology
Erica Hogan, 3rd-Year, Economics, Fundamentals Christopher Zhu, 4th-Year, Computer Science
George Li, 3rd-Year, Biology, Economics Christopher Cebra, 4th-Year, Statistics, Mathematics
Isabel O'Malley-Krohn, 4th-Year, Biology Cole Meldorf, 4th-Year, Astrophysics, Physics
Isabella Xu, 4th-Year, Biological Sciences Dana Lin, 2nd-Year, Molecular Engineering
Isabella Cisneros, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences Dang Nguyen, 2nd-Year, Computer Science, Mathematics
Jack Riley, 3rd-Year, Biochemistry, Chemistry Daniel Paraizo, 4th-Year, Physics, Mathematics
Jeff Guo, Recent Alum, Statistics Diego Garza, 3rd-Year, Physics, Astronomy & Astrophysics
Jessica Oros, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences Edward Wang, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences, Economics (Data Science Specialization)
Jessica Aaron, 2nd-Year, Philosophy, History Elisabeth Snyder, 1st-Year, Law, Letters, and Society, Public Policy Studies; Anna Guzman, 2nd-Year, Law, Letters, and Society; 
Jessica Markman, 3rd-Year, Neuroscience, Creative Writing Elise Katsnelson, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences; Beatrice Katsnelson, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences
Jessica Metzger, 4th-Year, physics, mathematics Emma Kugelmass, 2nd-Year, Sociology, History
Jielu Yu, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences Eric Jiahan Zhao, 3rd-Year, Molecular Engineering
Joel Gardner, 4th-Year, Chemistry, Mathematics Ethan Yarberry, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences
Jonathan Zeevi, 2nd-Year, Neurology; Noor Amin, 3rd-Year, Neuroscience, Media Arts and Design Gaby Berman, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences
Jonathan Chung, 4th-Year, History Giácomo Rabaiolli Ramos, 4th-Year, Political Science, Anthropology
Josephine Dawson, 3rd-Year, English Language and Literature; Caroline Galt, 4th-Year, English Language and Literature; Jacob Schroeder, 2nd-Year, Computer Science, English Language and Literature Haley Nguyen, 3rd-Year, Physics
Jovan Stanisavic, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences Hannah Halpern, 3rd-Year, Classical Studies
Julius Kim, 3rd-Year, Chemistry Hugh Cairney, 2nd-Year, Physics
Kaan Tarhan, 4th-Year, Chemistry Huiting Liu, 4th-Year, Physics
Kameel Khabaz, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences Irene Li, 4th-Year, Fundamentals: Issues and Texts
Katie Ko, 2nd-Year, Computer Science Bella Gomez, 3rd-Year, Economics; Nicole Yao, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences, Economics; Narvella Sefah, 2nd-Year, Global Studies
Kian Yoo-Sharifi, 4th-Year, Fundamentals: Issues and Texts Koby Rosen, 1st-Year, Neuroscience
Lauren Cecchini, 4th-Year, Global Studies , Russian and Eastern European Studies  Jacob Bernheim, 2nd-Year, Biological Sciences
Leighton Stanfill, 3rd-Year, Linguistics Jillyn Turunen, 3rd-Year, neuroscience
Lingyue Yu, 3rd-Year, Biological Chemistry, Mathematics Jo Blankson, 4th-Year, Fundamentals
Livia Guttieres, 3rd-Year, Physics, Mathematics João Shida, 4th-Year, Mol. Eng., Physics
Lucas Lelis Graciliano, 2nd-Year, Economics, Computer Science Joseph Geniesse, 3rd-Year, Chemistry, Environmental and Urban Studies
Mac Maedke, 4th-Year, Physics, Molecular Engineering (Quantum Track) Joseph Farrell, 3rd-Year, Economics, Computer Science
Maggie Hayes, 4th-Year, Physics, Philosophy Joshua Kim, 3rd-Year, Psychology
Maggie Mills, 3rd-Year, Political Science; Teddy Foley; Robert Gorman Juan-Pablo Armes, 2nd-Year, Environmental and Urban Studies
Mari Knudson, 4th-Year, Environmental Studies  Julia Du, 4th-Year, Sociology, Economics
Marti Gendel, 4th-Year, Biological Sciences Julien Lee Heberling, 3rd-Year, Chemistry (B.S.), Biological Chemistry (B.S.)
Maya Olcer, 2nd-Year, Biological Sciences k80 ambrose, 2nd-Year, Media Arts and Design, Sociology; Navid Mazidabadifarahani, 2nd-Year, History
Maya Ordonez, 3rd-Year, Neuroscience , English Language and Literature Kabir Dubey, 2nd-Year, Mathematics
Miranda McKibben, 4th-Year, Biology Karen Yuan, 4th-Year, Biological Sciences
Nicole Yao, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences, Economics; Narvella Sefah, 2nd-Year, Global Studies; Bella Gomez, 3rd-Year, Economics Kelly Zhang, 3rd-Year, Mathematics, Statistics
Noel Cercizi, 3rd-Year, Chemistry, Psychology Keyer Thyme, 3rd-Year, Physics
Patrick Sun, 3rd-Year, Quantitative Biology Kyla Mullaney, 2nd-Year, Astrophysics; George Afentakis, 2nd-Year, Physics, Mathematics
Peyton Dooley, 2nd-Year, Biological Sciences, Cinema and Media Studies Laura Chen, 4th-Year, Biological Sciences, Public Policy 
Raj Shetty, 2nd-Year, Neuroscience Lara Braverman, 4th-Year, Physics, Mathematics
Rohan Venkat, 2nd-Year, Physics, Computer Science Lev Copelan, 4th-Year, Psychology
Sadie Seddon-Stettler, 4th-Year, Physics, Astronomy & Astrophysics Jason Chen, 3rd-Year, Molecular Engineering, Physics; Maia Driggers, 3rd-Year, Medieval Studies, Cinema and Media Studies; 
Sandhini Agarwal, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences Liviu Megherea, 2nd-Year, Biological Sciences, History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine (HIPS)
Sara Salomon, 4th-Year, Neuroscience  Maddie Ouimet, 4th-Year, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Sophie Hare, 3rd-Year, Public Policy Manu Sundaresan, 2nd-Year, Biological Sciences
Stephanie Kim, 3rd-Year, Computer Science, Philosophy; Spencer Ng, 3rd-Year, Computer Science; Clark Kovacs, 2nd-Year, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Fundamentals Maren Klineberg, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences
Stephanie Reitzig, 4th-Year, History Max Moncada Cohen, 4th-Year, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry
Torres Shi, 3rd-Year, Art History Meira Chasman, 3rd-Year, Cinema and Media Studies, Political Science
Tyler Mandrell, 4th-Year, Psychology, Comparative Human Development Jacky Li, 4th-Year, Physics
Uma Mani, 2nd-Year, Neuroscience Michael Han, 3rd-Year, Chemistry, Economics
William Cerny, 4th-Year, Astrophysics Minerva Roscoe, 2nd-Year, Physics
Wilson Turner, 3rd-Year, Molecular Engineering, Chemistry Morten Lee, 3rd-Year, Chemistry
Violet Wu, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences Nathaniel Selub, 2nd-Year, Physics, Mathematics
Yiqin Gao, 4th-Year, Neuroscience, Computational and Applied Mathematics; Bianca Campagnari, 3rd-Year, Biology, Psychology Nidhi Talasani, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences
Yue Pan, 3rd-Year, Astrophysics Noah Dohrmann, 3rd-Year, Molecular Engineering
Yuerong Zhuang, 3rd-Year, Economics, Computational and Applied Math Noor Amin, 3rd-Year, Neuroscience, Media Arts and Design
Yunyan Mo, 3rd-Year, Geophysical Sciences Paddy Liu, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences, Philosophy
Zander Arnao, 3rd-Year, Public Policy Studies Raj Tummala, 2nd-Year, Biochemistry, Mathematics
Zebeeb Nuguse, 4th-Year, Environmental and Urban Studies Raul Gomez del Estal Teixeira, 2nd-Year, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Ziyu Ren, 2nd-Year, Psychology, Data Science Rebecca Greenberg, 4th-Year, Psychology
  Rhea Shah, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences, Specialization Cancer Biology, Romance Languages and Literatures
  Sarah Weber, 2nd-Year, Biological Sciences , Neuroscience
  Sarah Melton, 3rd-Year, Chemistry
  Seth Nguyen, 3rd-Year, Art History, Religious Studies
  Shivani Chatterji, 3rd-Year, Molecular Engineering, Chemistry
  Sophie Barth, 2nd-Year, Psychology
  Katherine Nurminsky, 4th-Year, Mathematics, Tissue Engineering; Stephanie Ran, 3rd-Year, Biological Sciences, Computer Science; 
  Stephanie Zhang, 4th-Year, History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine; Joel Ssepuuya, 2nd-Year, Anthropology
  Tatiana Rachlin, 2nd-Year, Psychology
  Tinyan Dada, 4th-Year, Comparative Human Development 
  Tori Ankel, 3rd-Year, Physics, Mathematics
  Trent Davis, 3rd-Year, Neuroscience, Visual Arts
  Walker Gillett, 4th-Year, Molecular Engineering
  Wanran Zhao, 2nd-Year, Undeclared
  Yohhan Kumarasinghe, 3rd-Year, Statistics

About the annual University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium

Each year, the University of Chicago celebrates undergraduate research and creative inquiry by hosting the University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium. Undergraduate researchers from across all disciplines and all years are invited to present their undergraduate research in poster or oral presentation sessions. Fine and performing artists are also invited to showcase their creative research through traditional conference formats, or in performance or exhibition spaces. We invite student presenters who have undertaken scholarly research at the University of Chicago or at other domestic or international universities, research institutes, museums or other collections. 

The University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium also provides an opportunity for the university to acknowledge the significant contribution made to undergraduate education by our faculty and scholars who serve as research mentors.

The UChicago Undergraduate Research Symposium is a signature program of the College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF). It is supported by the College, the Collegiate Divisions, and the Office of Research. It is also supporting by generous donors who contribute to the success of the event and support many of the undergraduate presenters by providing research grants managed by the CCRF.

View research presentations and posters from the 2021 UChicago Undergraduate Research Symposium here
View the 2020 UChicago Undergraduate Research Symposium published proceedings here