Undergraduate Research Symposium: Information for Presenters

We will be using a VirtualPosterSession online platform for the Undergraduate Research Symposium. 

Register for a CCRF Symposium Series: Research Presentation Webinar

The Symposium Series Webinar provides guidance on how to prepare your research poster and presentation for the virtual University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium. This webinar is tailored to students who are participating in the virtual 2021 University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium.

CCRF Symposium Series: Research Presentation Webinar:

Live webinar times have passed. Webinar slides are now posted to the CCRF Resource Library.

Creating a Poster File [REQUIRED] for the event and specific online platform:

NOTE: We recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint but you can also use Google Slides to create your poster. 

  • Suggested Basic Page Settings/Size
    • Portrait Orientation
    • Custom Size: 36" wide x 48" tall 
  • Legibility and Layout
    • ~11 words per line on average
      • Make columns narrower and use larger text size
    • Your research abstracts will be displayed separately from your poster so you do not need to include your research abstract on your poster file
    • Use contrast between the text and background colors
    • Avoid the use of low-res screenshots and photos
      • Use higher-quality images!
    • Poster title should be readable from "10ft away" in the poster thumbnail
    • Font:
      • 32 pt font for all body text
      • 48 pt font for section titles
      • (the above font suggestions should give you two columns on the 36" wide poster)
    • Don't use QR codes or "scannable images" - Use direct links
  • PDF for Upload
    • Export your finished poster to PDF 
    • 25 Mb max file limit
      • You may need to compress images if your PDF is too large

Please have your research mentors review your posters before submission!

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting [REQUIRED] for the event and specific online platform:

  • Use your UChicago Zoom account
  • Meetings -> Schedule a Meeting
  • Complete Meeting Details for your assigned 2 hour session time (CST) on 5/21/2021
  • Select "Waiting Room" for security
  • Example zoom meeting settings found HERE

You will need to share your zoom meeting Invite Link and passcode (optional) in the Symposium application.

Creating a Pre-recorded video File [OPTIONAL] for the event and specific online platform:

You have the option of submitting a research presentation video that can be accessed form the online platform. Videos should:

  • Be no longer than 4 minutes
  • Start with a picture (or share screen) of your poster
  • Walk your audience through your research poster and highlight the key findings of your research
  • You may decide whether to prepare a video with your camera on or just an audio recording

If you choose to record an optional presentation video, you will need to provide a shareable link to your video in the Symposium application. To prepare your video and link:

  • We suggest using Panopto because it is the UChicago video management platform
  • See instructional video on how to create a video on Panopto HERE
  • Mare sure that your Share Settings are set to "Anyone with the link"

NOTE: You may also record your video in either Zoom or Powerpoint and upload it to your personal YouTube or Vimeo Account to create a shareable video link. 

Presenting your Poster for the event and specific online platform:

    • Research groups should prepare together. 
  • Please ENABLE your Zoom WAITING ROOM to manage your visitor access
  • Be ready to screenshare using your provided video chat to show visitors the research you are discussing
  • Use your webcam
    • Make sure your webcam is at eye level
    • Adjust your room lighting as needed
  • Minimize distractions
    • Use a headset or headphones with external microphone
  • Remember that you have the right to close your zoom meeting or remove any participants at anytime for security concerns