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Before you set up an advising appointment with CCRF Staff, please first do the following:

  1. Thoroughly review all information on the website about the opportunities you are interested in. Come prepared to your advising appointment with questions about a fellowship and/or undergraduate research; be prepared to speak about why said opportunities are of interest to you and fit your experience, ambitions, and goals. Please also complete the intake form.

  2. Based upon which opportunities you are interested in, please first attend a relevant information session listed here:

  3. Set up an appointment after you have carefully reviewed the information online and/or attended a relevant CCRF information session. 

  4. Do not set up an appointment you do not intend to keep. This is not only disrespectful, it prevents other students requiring assistance from securing advising appointments.

PLEASE NOTE: CCRF staff do not advise on the following: BA theses; graduate school applications, including MDs or JDs; course-requirements or academic advising; or career counseling. Also note, CCRF staff will not respond to emails with CVs attached that simply ask for counsel on "what fellowships I might be eligible for" or what research opportunities are available. It is your responsibility to perform the requisite due-diligence and make a good-faith effort indentifying opportunities that may be a good fit for you. 

For Faculty and Research Mentors:                                                                                                                                                         


All faculty and research mentors who seek support in creating new undergraduate research opportunities or for additional support of existing programs, please contact Nichole Fazio directly by email or phone.                                                                                                                  Dr. Nichole J. Fazio, Director, College Center for Research and Fellowships, and phone: 773-702-7157. 

For current College students and recent alumni:


All students seeking undergraduate research support, including counsel on finding opportunities on campus, identifying research-specific funding, preparing to present and publish your work, and participating in specialized undergraduate research programs, including summer undergraduate research opportunities.

Students new to undergraduate research are encouraged to attend an Undergraduate Research Information Session offered quarterly.

Please schedule an appointment with Tracy Nyerges, Assistant Director of Research, College Center for Research and Fellowships []

All First, Second, and Third year general national fellowship inquiries; and, GilmanCritical Language ScholarshipBoren ScholarshipCarnegie Endowment for International PeaceFulbright US Student Program (Research/Study), Thomas Pickering, Rangel,  National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, and other diversity-focused opportunities. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Sandra Zupan, Assistant Director of Fellowships and Research, College Center for Research and Fellowships []
All First, Second and Third year general fellowship inquiries; and, BeineckeDAAD Programs (all), GilmanCritical Language ScholarshipFulbright US Student Program (Research/Study), and general support for other post-graduate fellowships.

Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Arthur Salvo, Assistant Director of Fellowships and Research, College Center for Research and Fellowships []

All first-, second- and third-year general fellowship inquiries; and all third-, fourth-years and recent alum inquiries for Fulbright US Student Program (ETA/Research/Study), GilmanCritical Language ScholarshipSchwarzman Scholarship, and Yenching Academy, and general support for other post-graduate fellowships.

Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Johanna Best, Assistant Director of National Fellowships []
All inquires for Goldwater Scholarship and Truman Scholarship; fourth-years, and recent alumn inquiries related to UK and Ireland Postgraduate Study Awards (Marshall, Rhodes, Gates-Cambridge, Mitchell, Ertegun, Churchill); and, for Fulbright Post-Doc and Faculty applications; for faculty and University staff inquiring about undergraduate research. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Nichole Fazio, Associate Dean of Students & Exec. Director of College Center for Research and Fellowships []
General research-related email:
General fellowships-related email: