About Us

Our Mission

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) supports undergraduates as they pursue transformative, educational experiences through scholarly undergraduate research and nationally competitive fellowships. CCRF promotes meaningful connections between faculty and students, encourages mentorship, provides high-impact, developmental advising and educates the UChicago community about opportunities for all College students and alumni.

Our Vision

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) is rooted in the academic mission of the College and the research mission of the University of Chicago. In close collaboration with faculty, staff, and students, the CCRF supports a culture of undergraduate scholarship and research worthy of national recognition and in keeping with the University’s commitment to rigorous and open inquiry. The CCRF encourages students to expect the best of themselves and promotes the value of serious inquiry into one’s chosen discipline, one’s self, and one's place in the world; pursuing undergraduate research and applying for nationally competitive fellowships, grants, and postgraduate opportunities is an integral part of living up to those expectations.

Our Values

Undergraduates and alumni of the College are the principle priority of the CCRF. Every effort made is connected to the unique experience, hopes, dreams, purpose and personal vision of the individual student. The CCRF recognizes the importance of scholarly undergraduate research and the national fellowship application process as an enterprise that compels significant critical reflection, the clarification of ambitions, an understanding of one's self in relation to the world, and the building of meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and peers. Undergraduate research and the fellowship application process is valued not for its outcome but for the invaluable insight it can provide for each student as they engage with their discipline, university, local, national, and global communities. It is recognized as an imperative in scholarly development. Finally, the CCRF places great value on collaboration, recognizing the primacy of institutional partnership in identifying and supporting undergraduates in their research and through the application processes for nationally competitive scholarships, fellowships, and experiential learning opportunities.

Our Charge

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) is comprised of educators charged to support students interested in pursuing scholarly research and applying for nationally competitive fellowships. CCRF staff help students to identify relevant opportunities and assist in strategically planning for those opportunities, closely mentor students through rigorous application processes, facilitate vital academic-skills building training (writing, research design, presentation skills) and facilitate campus fellowship endorsement procedures as relevant. All CCRF staff promote undergraduate research and nationally competitive fellowships processes as a vehicle for significant scholarly development. The CCRF collaborates with faculty, staff, departments, programs, and units across the university to identify and support prospective undergraduates as they develop as researchers, scholars and fellowship candidates.

CCRF Fellowships staff are institutional representatives of major prestigious fellowships and charged nationally to effectively steward these opportunities. In this role, CCRF Fellowships is also responsible for advancing (and protecting) the University's national reputation at the foundation level.

CCRF Research staff are charged to actively support faculty and existing undergraduate research programs, as well as aid in the conception and execution of new research programs across the disciplines. CCRF Research is also tasked with the development of best practices, research ethics training, accountability and accurate assessment measures across the institution. 

Our Support

The College and the University of Chicago recognize the importance of the CCRF, its impact on the undergraduate experience, and its potential to contribute to the College and University’s national reputation through supporting its research enterprise and fellowship success. The CCRF is housed within The College and one of five units in the Office of the Dean of Students. Staff collaborate with all faculty, departments, programs and other high-impact units across campus.

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