About Us

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) is comprised of educators who support undergraduates in their pursuit of scholarly research and nationally competitive fellowships. Ambassadors of major national awards, our fellowships staff promote and steward these educational opportunities at our institution. The fellowships team is thereby also responsible for advancing the University's reputation both nationally and at the foundation level. Likewise, our research staff actively support faculty and existing undergraduate research programs, as well as aid in the development and execution of new research programs across the disciplines. The research team also promotes training in the ethical conduct of research and develops policies and best practices for undergraduate research across the institution. Read more about our staff here

Our Mission

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) promotes academic excellence by empowering undergraduates to pursue two transformative educational experiences: undergraduate research and nationally competitive fellowships. CCRF promotes meaningful connections between faculty and students, encourages faculty mentorship, provides high-impact, developmental advising and educates the UChicago community about these opportunities for all undergraduates and recent alumni.

Our Values

Developing undergraduates and recent College alumni is the principal priority of the College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF). Our starting point is the unique experiences, talents, hopes, dreams, purpose, and personal vision of each individual student. We actively partner with students as they stretch and expand their academic capabilities through undergraduate research and national fellowships, activities which require students to undertake significant critical reflection, clarify their ambitions, refine their self-understanding in relation to the world, and build meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and peers. We also value undergraduate research and the pursuit of national fellowships as transformative educational experiences that compel students to engage deeply with their discipline, university, and local, national, and global communities. Creating and sustaining communities of scholars is among our highest priorities. Finally, the CCRF values collaboration and recognizes the important role that institutional partners play in advancing our students’ academic success and holistic development.

Our Vision

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) is rooted in the academic mission of the College and the research mission of the University of Chicago. In close collaboration with faculty, staff, and students, the CCRF supports a culture of undergraduate scholarship and research worthy of national recognition and in keeping with the University’s commitment to rigorous and open inquiry. The CCRF encourages students to expect the best of themselves and promotes the value of serious inquiry into one’s chosen discipline, oneself, and one's place in the world. We believe that pursuing undergraduate research and applying for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarly postgraduate opportunities are integral parts of living up to those expectations.

Our Support

The College and the University of Chicago recognize the importance of the CCRF, its impact on the undergraduate experience, and its potential to contribute to the College and University’s national reputation through supporting its research enterprise and fellowship success. The CCRF is housed within The College and its staff collaborate with all faculty, departments, programs and other high-impact units across campus.