Undergraduate Research

Welcome to the University of Chicago’s central unit dedicated to undergraduate research across all disciplines and collegiate divisions!

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) helps undergraduates in the College navigate the broad array of institutional, domestic, and international research opportunities that are available to them. The CCRF encourages students to make scholarly research and creative inquiry a fundamental part of their experience at the University of Chicago, if it makes sense academically and vocationally. 

Faculty-mentored research experiences complement and deepen academic work done in the classroom and provide students with key skills that prepare them for national and international fellowships, graduate study, and diverse careers. 

In support of undergraduate research, the CCRF organizes and runs:

Quarterly Undergraduate Research Information Sessions 
Research Grant Programs
Resources and Information about Research Opportunities and Funding (incl. a Research Opportunities Database)
Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium
Annual College Summer Institute (CSI)

Students interested in pursuing faculty-mentored research should begin by reviewing the information under the For Students tab and by attending an Undergraduate Research Information Session. Our FAQs are a convenient place to start and can direct you to detailed information about common questions.

The College Center for Research and Fellowships is UChicago's institutional member of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) and is a participating member of the National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR), and the World Congress on Undergraduate Research.