National Scholarships and Fellowships

Life isn't about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.
-- George Bernard Shaw

Welcome to the University of Chicago’s central unit dedicated to undergraduates and recent alumni who are applying for major national fellowships!

We provide intensive support to College students as they prepare for nationally competitive fellowships. These prestigious opportunities fund graduate study, research, foreign language acquisition, and much more. 

In the process of applying, our students reflect on their interests, intensify their commitments, begin to envision their future, and learn to build their lives around what they care about.

And we want to partner with you!

Step 1: Learn about Fellowships

Step 2: Find Fellowships

Now that you know the many benefits of applying for a fellowship, and your responsibilities as a student, you are ready to find opportunities that match your academic, research, and vocational goals. 

Click below to view all the national fellowships we support. Each entry includes critical information about deadlines, eligibility, selection criteria, how we support applicants, and whether UChicago has a mandatory endorsement process you must participate in before applying. 

Find Fellowships

Step 3: Connect with Us

After you have identified fellowships that interest you and read their descriptions, click below to begin connecting with us. Our live sessions and workshops provide deep dives into specific fellowships, clarify the campus application processes, and offer you the opportunity to interact with advisors. Strategically timed to the fellowships calendar, these sessions are also the primary entry point for the comprehensive support we provide applicants. 

Join us to learn more and start working with us!

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