CCRF Resources for Faculty & Staff

Undergraduates at the University of Chicago are doing extraordinary things, both in their scholarly efforts, as well in those that take them outside the classroom walls.  They are able to do those things because of the support and mentoring they receive from you, their faculty and advisors.  So, first and foremost, the CCRF extends its gratitude to you for the support you provide for our students. 

Often times, some of our best students do not think of themselves in terms of national scholarships and fellowships; whatever the reason, they self-select out and can miss opportunities relevant to their efforts.  The CCRF relies on you to identify and encourage students to expect the best of themselves and to take the risk in reaching for even greater things in their studies and professional ambitions.  A few words of encouragement from you, their faculty and staff, is often the deciding factor as to whether or not a highly capable student considers making application to a nationally competitive opportunity. 

The CCRF exists to support you efforts in helping your students succeed in their academic efforts and take their hard work to the next level by assisting them in identifying opportunities and successfully navigating the scholarship application process.  We welcome the opportunity to serve your students interested and capable of competing for some of the nation’s most competitive scholarship, fellowships and postgraduate opportunities.  

Linked below is the National Fellowships Flowchart, a brainstorming vehicle for students to link their interests to possible funding opportunities.