Research Showcase Presenters

2019 College Research Week


Research Showcase and Reception

Location: 122 Regenstein

2:00-2:30pm: Opening Remarks
Professor Peggy Mason, Department of Neurobiology
2:30-3:30pm: Research Showcase
3:30-4:30pm: Reception 

Special Collections Research Showcase Presenter:

Emily Lynch, (English Language & Literature and Political Science, 3rd Year), The Adaptations of Augie March: A Novel by Saul Bellow, A Play by David Auburn, A Production Directed by Charles Newell

Research Poster Showcase Presenters:

  • Tyler Chan (Neuroscience, 4th Year), Revisiting Breakthroughs in Science: Jean-Pierre Flourens and the Discovery of the Vestibular System
  • Albert Chen (Physics and Mathematics, 3rd Year), Retinal Direction-Selective Responses to Emergent Motion Enhances Position Estimation
  • Shriram Chennakesavalu (Biological Chemistry, 3rd Year), Quantifying SgrS-Mediated Translational Regulation
  • Michelle Chong (Physics and History, 4th Year), Thermophoretic Levitation of Generic Particles
  • Ayling Dominguez (Global Studies and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, 4th Year), Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Health: An Immigrant’s Decision-Making as Influenced by Borders
  • John Havlik (Neuroscience and Biology, 4th Year), Bystanders Bidirectionally Alter Helping Behavior in Rats
  • Thomas Hayes (Molecular Biology, 4th Year), Developing a User-Friendly Tool for Sensitivity Analyses on Biorefinery Models; presented with: Aaditya Rawal and Dino Vivanco, (Molecular Engineering, recent graduates)
  • Katherine Hodge (Anthropology and History, 4th Year), Onlone Cultural and Historical Research Environment: Flexibility versus Standardization; presented with Abraham Seare (Anthropology, 3rd Year) 
  • May Huang (English and Comparative Literature, 4th Year), China and Chicago: Traversing Cultures Through Verse
  • Jessica Jacobs-Li (Biology, 4th Year), Hedgehog signaling dependent GLI transcription factor activity maintains the progenitor status of the Second Heart Field
  • Jasmine Kalia (Physics, 3rd Year), Impedance Measurement of a Transition-edge Sensor Microcalorimeter
  • Nikita Mehta (Neuroscience and Biological Sciences, 4th Year), WNT Signaling in Schwann Cells Affects Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
  • Priyadarshini Mirmira (Chemistry and South Asian Civilizations, 4th Year), Ion-Conducting Polymers as Interfacial Layers in Solid Electrolytes
  • Guillermo Pereda (Biological Sciences, 3rd Year), Regiospecific Surface Encoding of Nanoparticles for Programmable Self - Assembly
  • Christian Porras (Biological Sciences, 3rd Year), The influence of spatial structure and natural selection on genome-wide association studies
  • Julia Ran (Biological Sciences, 4th Year), Intergenerational Health Transmission in Uganda –its Moderators and Persistence
  • Nivedina Sarma (Chemistry, 3rd Year), Leveraging Polymers and Photovoltaic Nanomaterials to Address Heart Tissue's Inability to Self-Repair
  • Maritha Wang (Chemistry and Physics, 3rd Year), 2D Atomic Patchwork in 3D Space
  • David Whyman (Economics and Public Policy, 3rd Year), Time-Series Analysis of Racial Disparity in Chicago Police Misconduct Complaints: Quantifying the Effects of the Reform
  • Naomi Yamamoto (Chemistry, 4th Year), Exploiting KDM6A Mutations in Prostate Cancer
  • Sly Yushchyshyn (Public Policy, 4th Year), Internally Displaced Persons in Eastern Ukraine and Their Right to an Old-Age Pension: Gaps in Law and Practice