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Paid postition for undergraduates with a strong background in science who are considering a research career.

Alex Muir

P.I. willing to mentor undergraduate research volunteers and work study students interested in Cancer, Metabolism. 


Funding for summer research in the biomedical sciences at 13 premier domestic academic institutions, as well as international locations.

The Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute (MCI) summer research opportunity.

Archival research and digitization project in support of making the Smart Museum’s institutional history more widely accessible

Paid research opportunity at the University of Pittsburgh.

Thesis in effort to achieve honors in Biology

PI willing to mentor undergraduates requiring pay. Students can participate in establishing prostate cell cultures to study cancer disparities.

Paid program to generate excitement for a future career in cancer research in highly motivated undergraduates and help them prepare for the next stage of their careers.

Paid opportunity at the University of Misouri for students to work on their own projects in collaboration with graduate students, lab technicians, and post-doctoral researchers and will showcase their results.

Summer undergraduate research opportunity in materials science research at Columbia University

10-week paid program at the University of Missouri where students research computational neuroscience.

Travel grants for students presenting biological research at a conference.

Experience, Memory and Knowledge Lab

Summer research opportunity in Neurobiology.

Provides hands-on genomics research at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ellie Heckscher

We study the development, function and evolution of somatosensory and motor systems using insect larvae as models.


Historical and quantitative research on incarceration in the US