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Summer research opportunity in Neurobiology.

Summer research grant for third-year English majors.

Supports summer research projects in Psychology.

Cutting-edge research ranging from engineering to quantitative biology at the shores of Lake Geneva.

Participants will travel to Edinburgh in mid-June to begin their three-month research project, and then stay on to take three upper-level Chemistry courses during Edinburgh’s autumn semester.

10 week paid program for students to research Robotics with the Department of Energy (DOE).

Internships offer a chance for students to work with Fermilab scientists or engineers on a project within the context of laboratory research.


Travel grant for College students to pursue research or intensive language study in France.

Research Assistant for Norton Library Edition of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle

Historical and quantitative research on incarceration in the US

Provides full-cost scholarships for graduate study at Cambridge University.

The Gates Center Summer Internship Program (GSIP) encourages outstanding undergraduates to consider careers in biomedical research in an academic or industry setting by providing state-of-the-art training opportunities at the Gates Center.​

Our internships allow students and recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in scientific research, collections and archives, behind-the-scenes in our various administrative departments, and out in the community.

Opportunity for a 10-week intensive, independent research project.

The 10-week fellowship is a research-intensive opportunity designed for sophomore and junior undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a doctoral degree (PhD) in biomedical sciences or related fields.

Summer employment documenting historic sites and structures of architectural, landscape, and technological significance throughout the United States.

Nine-week summer fellowship for historic regional research.

The group exploits novel concepts in accelerator science & technology, studies limitations affecting the acceleration, control, intensity and quality of particle beams at a fundamental level, & develops new approaches to overcome these limitation.