Dunn Research Prize

Summer research grant for third-year English majors.

The Dunn Research Prize is designed to contribute towards living expenses of rising fourth-year students as they work on a major piece of writing or research, such as a BA Project. Funds must be used in the summer following the winner’s third year in the college. Students who are awarded this prize will be expected to send the Director of Undergraduate studies a short report (1-2 pages) about their work by the beginning of the third week in Fall Quarter.

For questions about the Dunn Research Prize, please contact the Student Affairs Assistant. 

See the opportunity webpage for more information.

Application Process: 

Applications consist of a proposal, preliminary budget, and letter of support from a faculty member. They are due early in Spring Quarter.

Past successful proposals have included:

  • identification of archives, materials, and sites of expertise that the student hopes to engage;
  • a narrow enough vision that the student can reasonably make significant progress towards their research goals over the summer;
  • a sense of how the money will be spent with some precision;
  • how this project either builds from past research interests and/or bulwarks a project the student is about to undertake