Summer Research

Summer Research Experiences

Summer undergraduate research experiences provide College students the opportunity to engage in immersive, intensive mentored research. It gives them the opportunity to explore something new or to take current research to a more advanced level. Summer research experiences often provide an opportunity to work with a community of research scholars and to present your work. CCRF advisors are available to help College students identify relevant summer research experiences, apply for programs and funding at the University of Chicago and beyond. 

CCRF Summer Research Experiences

The College Summer Institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CSI): The College Summer Institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences provides selected undergraduates the opportunity to undertake intensive intellectual training and research with accomplished scholars and peers at the University of Chicago. Summer Institute Scholars will collaborate closely with a small cohort of faculty across humanistic disciplines in an environment that encourages creative academic inquiry, rigorous discourse, and helps them to develop the research tools necessary for further engagement with their own disciplines. The CSI will be offered remotely in 2020.

More information on the 2021 CSI program coming soon! Application deadline: February 1, 2021

The University of Chicago and University of Sussex International Junior Research Associates Program: The UChicago-Sussex IJRA program provides selected College students the opportunity to participate in a summer of intensive, faculty-mentored research in the Humanities at one of the UK’s leading institutions of higher education, the University of Sussex. As members of the IJRA program, College students in the arts and humanities will have the opportunity to undertake a fully-funded research experience as part of a dynamic community of scholars researching and living together at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. This program is distinct from other opportunities for UChicago Humanities undergraduates to pursue international research because it invites students into a collaborative research experience, apprenticing with and contributing to the work of a leading scholar in an international context. The IJRA program is suspended for the summer of 2020. It will resume in summer 2021. 

CCRF-supported Summer Research Experiences

Tobin Undergraduate Research Scholars Program: The Tobin Undergraduate Research Scholars program provides competitive research fellowships for undergraduate researchers to support the ongoing, public-facing research of scholars working in one of the networks of the national Tobin Project ( The Tobin project specifically seeks to relate specialized academic research in law, politics, economic, policy, history, and allied fields to pressing policy challenges of the day—without losing the rigor of academic research. Tobin Scholars will learn not only how to conduct cutting-edge research, but to frame and pursue it with an eye to addressing the needs of the public, both substantively and in terms of civic engagement. This is both a summer and academic year opportunity. 

Galapagos Urbanization & Sustainable Development Undergraduate Research Program: Most people associate the Galapagos Islands with Darwin, evolution, and a natural ecosystem with incredible biodiversity. However, the archipelago is urbanizing rapidly – what were once small fishing villages are now dense towns with populations in the tens of thousands, and show no signs of slowing growth rates. This isolated environment presents a unique opportunity for urban scientists to measure the relationship between human development and the natural environment, and to identify development management strategies that address the needs of both people and the myriad species endemic to the islands. Through analysis of this microcosm, the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation and its research partners aim to define macro processes that can inform sustainable development best practices for urban areas around the world. The Galapagos program is suspended for the summer of 2020. It will resume in summer 2021. 

Summer Institute in Social Science Research Methods: Research Assistant Program: University of Chicago undergraduates enrolled in the annual Summer Institute in Social Science Research Methods (SISSRM) are eligible to participate in the Research Assistant grant program intended to reinforce and extend new research method skills through a mentored research experience working on a faculty research project during summer (beginning immediately following the Summer Institute course). Awardees will work as part-time Research Assistants on an ongoing research project of a Social Sciences faculty member. All course-participants, including Research Assistants are required to attend the non-credit Workshop on the Practice of Social Scientific Research (daily 12:00-1:30p). 

Smart Museum Summer Research Opportunities and Smart Scholars Program: The Smart Museum supports a variety of research experiences during the summer and academic year. You can read more about their current summer experience, "Exhibition in Practice" Research Associates program, here. More information about the academic-year Smart Scholars Program is available here

UChicago Summer Research Funding

College Summer Research Fellows Fund

PRISM Research Scholars Program

UChicago Summer Research Experiences

There are a number of University of Chicago Summer Undergraduate Research Programs, including NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) and departmental or divisionally-supported programs. Students are encouraged to search the CCRF Research Opportunities Database for a comprehensive list of opportunities. Use the search options "UChicago Research Opportunity" and "Summer" to refine your search.

Summer Research Experiences beyond UChicago

There are hundreds of summer research programs hosted at other universities that may be of interest to College students. We include these programs in the CCRF Research Opportunities database [select "Summer" in the duration field]. Many of the opportunities we list as US Research Opportunities and International Research Opportunites are summer experiences. STEM students are encouraged to search the NSF REU database for summer research experiences at other US universities. There are additional opportunities included in other databases listed on our site.