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10-week program in which participants complete a cutting-edge research projects at one of the DOE's laboratories.

Seeking undergraduate researchers to participate in analysis and verification of results from a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model trained to automatically detect archaeological sites in Afghanistan.

The Space Scholars Program invites undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students in the areas of science and engineering to participate in a unique summer research internship.

1-3 months of support for scholars in all fields who show a demonstrated need to use the American Philosophical Society's Library and Museum collections.

The Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute (MCI) summer research opportunity.

Anthropology research experiences at the Field Museum.

Archival research and digitization project in support of making the Smart Museum’s institutional history more widely accessible

The University of Chicago Center for East Asian Studies sponsors an annual prize of $250.00 awarded for the best University of Chicago B.A. thesis dealing with topics related to East Asia (China, Japan and Korea).

10 week paid fellowship for undergraduate students seeking additional research experience outside of their home institutions at the University of Michigan.

Summer undergraduate research experiences in medical sciences at AAMC partner institutions.

Thesis for biology majors to achieve honors.

Archival internship to develop interest in vocations related to archives and libraries and/or Brethren history.

Various summer and fall research internships at the Brookings Institute.

Graduating seniors or students who have not started graduate work; 3.7 average GPA, higher preferred; strong interest in international affairs.

10-week paid program at University of Michigan Med School where students perform full time laboratory research.

The University of Chicago offers undergraduates the opportunity to gain research experience working in the laboratory or research group of MRSEC faculty members

Child care during COVID-19

Five-week program for students interested in studying Rome.