Carnegie Endowment for Peace: James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program

Please upload in ONE file the following: 1) An essay of one type-written page or less on why you would like to be a junior fellow; 2) An essay of no more than three (3) type-written, double-spaced pages on one of the following topics below (chose the question pertaining to the program to which you are applying. These topics are intended to test skills in analysis, logic, and written expression. The essays should be analytical thought pieces, not research papers. Students should submit an essay related to their primary research program interests, although the James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program may ultimately select an applicant for a program outside of his/her designated primary interest or make an assignment to more than one program; 3) Your unofficial transcript
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.