Fellowship Year 2016-2017 Scholars

Fellowship Year 2016-2017

Astronaut Foundation Scholars:

  • Ruby An (Biological Sciences, Mathematics, 2017)
  • Daniel Eaton (Biological Chemistry, Chemistry, 2017)

Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellowship National Finalists: 

  • Omar Safadi (Political Science, 2016)
  • Lilian Huang (Economics, Political Science, 2016)

Critical Language Scholars: 

  • Madeline de Figueiredo (Common Year, 2019; CLS for Arabic)
  • Grace Bologna (Common Year, 2019; CLS for Japanese)
  • Atticus Ballesteros (Anthropology, 2017; CLS for Persian)
  • Nicholas Posegay (Near Eastern Language/Civ, Religious Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, 2016; CLS for Arabic)

DAAD Scholars: 

  • Brandon Waldon (Linguistics, 2015; 2-year MA in Mind and Brain Studies at HU-Berlin)
  • Madeline Klinger (Biological Sciences, 2016; Research award at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt and Summer Language Enhancement Award)
  • Peter Chen (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, 2016; Research in DNA/RNA at LMU-Munich)
  • Emma Goehler (Fundamentals, 2016; MA in Literature at U-Konstanz)
  • Daniel Jacobs, Named Alternate (Classical Studies, 2016)
  • Stephanie Koch, Named Alternate (Art, 2015)
  • Gareth Walsh, Named Alternate (Philosophy, 2016)

Davis Project for Peace Prize Awardees

  • Joshua Kramer (Philosophy; Law, Letters & Society, 2018)
  • Natalie Richardson (English Lang/Lit, 2017)

Ertegun Scholar: 

  • Pranav Jain (History, 2015; MPhil/DPhil in History, University of Oxford)

​Fulbright Scholars: 

  • Peter Chen (Biological Sciences, Chemistry, 2016; Research/Academic Award to Switzerland)
  • Ryan Chiew (Anthropology, 2016; ETA to Taiwan)
  • Connor Cunningham (Linguistics, Mathematics; ETA, Uruguay)
  • James Kiselik (Mathematics; MA Program in the Humanities, 2016; ETA to South Korea)
  • Timothy Juang (Sociology, 2016; ETA to Taiwan)
  • Veronika Kondev (Biological Sciences, 2016; Research/Academic Award to Poland)
  • Anna Newport (Political Science, 2016; Research/Academic Award to Jordan)
  • Brandon Waldon (Linguistics, 2015; Research/Academic Award to Germany)
  • Matthew Walsh (Economics, Political Science, 2013; Research/Academic Award to Argentina)
  • Madeline KlingerNamed Alternate (Biological Sciences, 2016; Research/Academic Named Alternate to Germany) 
  • Jane GordanNamed Alternate (Near Eastern Lang/Civ, 2015; UK Partner-Award Named Alternate to Univ. College London)
  • Juliana WhiteNamed Alternate (Art History/Cinema, Media Studies, 2016; ETA Named Alternate to Taiwan)
  • Matthew SullivanNamed Alternate (Biological Chemistry, 2016; Research/Academic Named Alternate to Norway)
  • Mary BittnerNamed Alternate (Public Policy Studies, 2016; Research/Academic Named Alternate to Norway)

Gilman Scholars: 

  • Melissa Park, Japan (Economics/East Asian Lang & Lit, 2017)
  • Lauren Richardson, UK (Philosophy, 2018)

Barry M. Goldwater Scholars:

Hertog Scholar: 

  • Caroline Cordell (Law, Letters, Society/Economics, 2018), Summer Institute

Lincoln Academy Student Laureate

  • Cynthia Avila (History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science (HIPS), 2016)

Marshall Scholar: 

National Institutes of Health General Medical Sciences Undergraduate Research Fellow:  

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows (NSF GRFP): 

  • Jackson Hance (Mathematics, 2016)
  • Hannah Kenagy (Chemistry, 2016)
  • Tianjian Lai (Sociology, 2016)
  • Ariel Matalon (Physics, 2016)
  • Lydia Pazienza (Chemistry/Biological Chemistry, 2016)
  • Trevor Roberts (Chemistry, 2016), Jack Sempliner (Mathematics, 2016)
  • Lily Zhao (Biological Sciences/Mathematics, 2016)
  • Jessica Avva (Physics, 2015)
  • Yuzhou Zou, Honorable Mention (Mathematics/Chemistry, 2016)
  • Mark Perlman, Honorable Mention (Mathematics, 2016)
  • Blaine Talbut, Honorable Mention (Mathematics, 2016)

NSEP Boren Named Alternate:

  • Anna Newport (Political Science, 2016; Jordan)

Pickering Foreign Affairs Graduate Fellow:

Public Policy & International Affairs Fellow (PPIA): 

  • Kenzo Esquivel (Environmental Science, 2017)

Schwarzman Scholars: 

Udall Scholarship Honorable Mention: 

  • Kenzo Esquivel (Environmental Science, 2017)

Yenching Academy Scholars: