Language & Mind Research Opportunity

Opportunity Description:

How do people decide what to say or not say? How do they put their thoughts into a language that others can understand? To answer these questions, we look at how people remember and talk about the different events and objects they see in the world. This is a great research opportunity for those interested in the relationship between language and thought!


Primary Responsibilities: 

Undergraduate research assistants will be asked to assist with experiment design, data collection, and data analysis. Students will work closely with graduate students and faculty to design, run, and analyze experiments. They will create stimuli and materials for different experimental paradigms in psycholinguistics (e.g., memory experiments, ratings surveys, simple sentence production experiments). They will also learn to write scripts for online implementation of those experiments. And, they will analyze the different types of data from experiments. No prior lab experience is required. RAs are expected to contribute roughly 10 hours a week.

Minimum Qualifications and/or Eligibility Requirements: 

To be eligible, students must have: 1) Courses in Linguistics, Psychology, Computer Science or related fields 2) The ability to complete roughly 10hrs of work a week 3) Strong work ethic, organizational skills, and must be self-motivated.

Preferred Skills: 

These are nice to have, but not required! 1) Background in a second language 2) Previous experience with R statistical software.

Knowledge or skills gained from the experience: 

Experience with data collection, image and sound editing software, and statistical software. Experience recruiting participants for experiments & conducting studies online and in person. Experience communicating research findings.

Application Process: 

Submit your CV/Resume and unofficial transcript to with subject field "RA Opportunity". You may be contacted for a zoom or in-person interview.


Application Requirements: 

  • Submit CV
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • For more information on this opportunity, please contact:

    Monica Do
    Faculty Title: 
    Provost's Postdoctoral Fellow
    Affiliated Research Institutes (Optional): 

    UChicago Language Processing Lab; Center for Gesture, Sign, and Language