Rhodes Scholarship

Competitive national fellowship to support two years of graduate study at the Univerisity of Oxford (open to international students, as well as US citizens).

Rhodes Scholarship at a glance:

From the Rhodes Trust site: "When different people come together in a shared spirit, exciting new things begin. The Rhodes Scholarship is a life-changing opportunity to join outstanding young people from around the world to study at the University of Oxford. The criteria which determined the first Rhodes Scholars in 1902 still guide us today. These four criteria by which prospective Rhodes Scholars are judged are:

  1. literary and scholastic attainments (academic excellence);
  2. energy to use one’s talents to the full (as demonstrated by mastery in areas such as sports, music, debate, dance, theatre, and artistic pursuits, particularly where teamwork is involved);
  3. truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship;
  4. moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings."

Read about more UChicago's recent Rhodes Scholars: 2018 Rhodes Scholar, Lucas Tse, 2017 Rhodes Scholars Lily Dube and Joshua Pickar, and 2015 Rhodes Scholar, Samuel Green. 


  • U.S. citizens and nationals (US Rhodes); international students may be eligible for select Rhodes scholarships
  • Third- or fourth-year students; recent alum. Alum must confirm their age/graduation date eligibilty by consulting the rules on Rhodes website.
  • Intent to pursue a graduate degree program at the University of Oxford
  • Must have a minimum 3.7 cumulative GPA at the time of campus nomination (May each year); this is not negotiable. The GPA minimum is set by the national fellowship foundations. 

Selection Criteria: 

  • Superior academic achievement and committment to academic excellence (evidenced through advanced coursework, research, and exceptional letters of recommendation)
  • Ability to argue for their selected graduate programs in specific terms and why they must pursue that training at the University of Oxford
  • Potential to contribute to chosen field and potential for success beyond post-graduate training
  • Evidence of substantial leadership and service
  • Evidence of character forged by turning challenge into opportunity and evidence of ambition for others
  • Ability to articulate in specific terms what problem(s) or need(s) of society you wish to address in your career

Candidates for the Rhodes Scholarships must affirm the following: 

  • I have pursued academic excellence throughout my career at the University of Chicago, including: posess a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher; have done extensive research in my field and/or can prove that I have the requisite academic background necessary for success in my chosen graduate discipline; can show that I have pursued relevant and advanced course-work that affirms my commitment to my chosen field
  • I can articulate a specific vision for my future and how it will contribute to addressing global issues, as well as elevate the public good
  • I have substantive experiences that affirm my capacities as a leader; I can prove that something changed because of my involvement; and, I have spent time serving others or working to address issues that improve the lives of others
  • I can secure a minumum of five (5) exceptional letters from faculty or researchers in my field
  • I can secure a minumum of three (3) exceptional letters from professionals who can affirm my leadership competencies, professional experiences, commitment to addressing the problems/needs of society that motivate me, as well as my commitment to others
  • I can provide a specific argument for why I must pursue my chosen graduate program(s) at the University of Oxford
  • I can provide a specific argument for why it is paramount to my studies and future vocation that I pursue my studies in the UK (this is an argument for your host-country, not the specfic graduate program)

Rhodes Scholarships fund two years of post-baccalaureate study in any field at the University of Oxford. The scholarship includes tuition, fees, travel, and a stipend. Thirty-two American Rhodes Scholars are chosen annually from the United States. Students from a range of countries besides the United States are also eligible to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship - please visit the Rhodes House site for an up-to-date list of eligible countries. Currently, citizens from the following countries are elgible for the Rhodes: Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Jamaica & the Commonwealth Caribbean, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Southern Africa (including South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland), Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine (SJLP), United Arab Emirates, West Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


Deadline Information

Campus Deadline for University Endorsement: in May or July each year.

Application Process

Current College students and recent alum applying for a Rhodes Scholarship (US and Canada) are required to participate fully in the campus application process in order to be considered for nomination. The complete schedule and application process is detailed on the application page

All other international candidates for the Rhodes are strongly encouraged to also submit a campus application and proceed along the same timeline as formally endorsed candidates.

Materials submitted after the stated campus endorsement deadline will not be considered for university endorsement.

For more information on this opportunity, please contact: 
Dr. Arthur Salvo