Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship

Awards $7,500/year to second- and third-year students in math and the sciences.

Goldwater Scholarships encourage students to pursue careers in mathematics, engineering or the natural sciences. The scholarship covers tuition, room, board, books and fees up to $7,500 per year, for up to two years of undergraduate study.

The University of Chicago may nominate up to four individuals for this competition. You must submit a complete Goldwater Campus Application (including all three letters) to be considered for institutional endorsement.

Deadline Information

Campus Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Eligibility Requirements

Second- and third-year STEM majors who are U.S. citizens, residents or nationals with a grade point average of at least 3.8 and who intend to pursue a PhD leading to a career in scientific research.

Application Process

Students must be nominated by the University to apply for this award; up to four students may be nominated per year. Before you begin your campus application, please read all of the eligibility rules, application guidelines and tips available on the Goldwater website. 

Before you begin your campus application, please take time to review all of the information available about applying on the Goldwater website:

To apply for campus endorsement, candidates must submit the following by 11:59 pm CST on the stated campus deadline:

(1) Complete the Goldwater pre-screen application on the national website:

(2) Complete and submit the University of Chicago campus endorsement application available ONLINE HERE: by the stated campus deadline. The application includes:

  • A 3 page research essay about an undergraduate research project you are currently involved with or have been in the recent past; 
  • Short answer question detailing your graduate program of choice and professional aspirations;
  • A CV/academic resume;
  • 3 letters of recommendation; 
  • Transcript

(3) Your three (3) letters of recommendation from research mentors or teaching faculty must be submitted via the campus application portal by the stated campus deadline. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your institutional endorsement will be based on your submitted campus application.  It should be a final draft and you are strongly encouraged to have your research mentor review your research essay.  Your Goldwater campus application will be reviewed by a standing commmittee of 6 STEM faculty, who will make the final endorsement decision.  If you are endorsed, you will work directly with Nichole and the CCRF to complete the final stages of your Goldwater application.  You cannot apply directly to the Goldwater Scholarship.

For more information on this opportunity, please contact: 
Dr. Arthur Salvo