Congratulations Boren Scholars

Boren Scholarships provide up to $25,000 to U.S. undergraduate students to study a wide range of critical languages abroad. The program alumni commit to public service throughout the federal government, working in positions critical to U.S. national security or foreign affairs. This year, the following students in the College received the Boren Scholarship:

  • Ryan Boles (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Anthropology, 2024), Bosnian, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Chloe Brettmann (History, 2023), French, Senegal
  • Marc de Fontnouvelle (Mathematics, 2023), Serbian, Serbia
  • Sophie Feng (Law, Letters, and Society, History, 2023), Mandarin, Taiwan
  • Arturo Gutierrez de Velasco (Global Studies, 2024), Portuguese, Brazil
  • Erica Hogan (Economics, Fundamentals: Issues and Texts, 2023), Swahili, Tanzania
  • Samuel Levy (Political Science, Global Studies, 2023), Mandarin, Taiwan
  • Lena Maghraoui (Environmental Science, 2023), Arabic, Jordan
  • Miriam Sills (Political Science, 2023), Mandarin, China
  • Elizabeth Zazycki (History, Political Science, 2023), Hindi, India
  • Hira Baig (Computer Science, Public Policy, 2024), Indonesian, Indonesia – Alternate.

Read more about UChicago resources and support for the Boren Scholarship here.