Finding Research Opportunities

There are a variety of ways to search for research opportunities at the University of Chicago. We have provided links to the left, and below, for a variety of opportunities at UChicago, domestically and internationally. This is just a starting point and as noted on our getting started pages, many, if not most, undergraduate research opportunities are often found by reaching out directly to faculty. In addition to the specific opportunities included in these pages, we also encourage you to review the websites of the many research institutes at UChicago listed here.  The Office of Diversity and Inclusion also supports a variety of research opportunities.

UChicago students also have access to Proquest's PIVOT, a comprehensive database of research opportunities and grants for faculty, staff, and students.  In order to set up an account and begin your search, visit PIVOT. You will need to create a PIVOT login, and then conduct an advanced search with ‘Undergraduate’ specified in the ‘Requirements’ field. (Note: if looking for funds from outside UChicago, start early, as these opportunities may have deadlines far in advance of the anticipated award-date). 

UChicago Undergraduate Research Opportunities

*This is not an exhaustive list. Included below are links to departments and UChicago research institutes with a history of undergraduate research, as well as formal UChicago undergraduate research programs and funding opportunities. Students can also consult Handshake for opportunities listed as Research Internships.


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Biological and Physical Sciences