How to Apply for the College Global Health Research Scholars Program

Before applying for a College Global Health Research Scholars grant, please carefully review all of the materials pertaining the award program, eligibility, expectations, and deadlines below. Independent study/research and BA thesis research does not qualify for Global Health Research funding.

Applications submitted after the stated deadlines will not be reviewed. Applications are reviewed following the stated deadline, not on a rolling basis.

  • Deadline 1: September 7, 2020 
  • Deadline 2: January 11, 2021

There are no exceptions to these deadlines and no off-cycle awards made.

Application Instructions

To complete your application, you will be asked for the following information: 

  • Basic information about yourself (Year, Major, current GPA, UCID, etc.)
  • Project information: project title, name of faculty mentor(s), approximate start/end dates of the research, average hours dedicated to the research per week
  • Research Proposal (pdf.): maximum of 1000 words, single spaced, 12-point font. Please include the title of your project and name in the header of your essay.
    • In your research proposal, please describe in your own words the project - its general aims, structure, and what you and your mentor hope to accomplish through the research project. You may include citations and an additional page of supplementary information, as relevant. These will not be included in your word count. Please treat this as a formal research proposal; it should be written clearly and carefully. It functions as the core of your application and its quality will determine the success of your application. 
    • In addition to detailing your research aims and objectives, please also address your motivations for pursuing the research experience and how this experience will contribute to your education at UChicago and the development of your future plans.
    • Please use the research proposal template included HERE to develop a competitive College Global Health Scholar research grant proposal.   
  • An unofficial copy of your most recent transcript (pdf.) - Note: The application will ask you to email your unoffical transcript document to separate from the application portal.
  • Academically-focused curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Letter of recommendation from your primary research mentorPlease also send a copy of your research proposal to your research mentor. You will be asked to confirm that you have/will sent the proposal to your mentor as a part of your online application. 
    • A UChicago faculty member (of any rank, including lecturer or senior-lecturer) must be named as your primary research mentor. You may not work exclusively with this person, but for the purposes of the application they should be the author of your recommendation and review/affirm your research proposal.
    • The CCRF provides general guidance to faculty and research mentors about writing effective letters for competitive grants and fellowships; if you would like, you are welcome to include this link - - in your email as a resource for them.
  • Name of secondary research mentor (optional): this may be an additional member of the research project or the person you expect to work most closely with (post-doc, etc). You will only need to provide their contact information, title, etc. They do not submit a letter. 


Review Process

All complete applications are reviewed by a committee of faculty and staff, begining after the stated deadline. Please see the review and selection criteria page for more information.

Applicants may stay updated on their application status by checking their application online. We will notify you and your mentor via email whether or not you are awarded a Global Health Research Grant. The review process takes approximately 5 weeks.

The College Global Health Research Scholars Program is a research scholars program generously funded by the Pozen family. It was created and is managed by the College Center for Research & Fellowships (CCRF), with the support of the Social Sciences Collegiate Division. Questions about the program from faculty or students should be directed to Dr. Nichole Fazio, Executive Director of the College Center for Research and Fellowships (