Undergraduate Awards

Recognizes top undergraduate written work across disciplines

The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s leading undergraduate awards programme which recognises top undergraduate work across all disciplines, shares this work with a global audience and connects students across cultures and disciplines.

The Undergraduate Awards was founded on the belief that undergraduate coursework should go further than one University department. While there are a multitude of academic competitions and research grants available to postgraduate students, we often do not recognise the value of undergraduate coursework and research.

The Undergraduate Awards gives undergraduate students the chance to have their work anonymously assessed by an independent and international panel of judges. Being named a Global Winner, Regional Winner or Highly Commended Entrant means that their work has been identified as the best in their field, compared to global undergraduate coursework.

Award recipients and highly commended submissions will receive full funding to travel to Dublin, Ireland in mid-November to participate in the 3-day Global Summit with approximately 25 other undergraduates from around the world. Awardees will present their work and participate in a full conference of internationally recognized speakers, as well as attend a closing Gala. 

Deadline Information

12:00 p.m. IST: Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Eligibility Requirements

To submit to the Undergrduate Awards, candidates must be: 

  • Members of the class of 2020, 2021, 2022
  • Have a piece of individual coursework (essay) that received an A grade or equivalent; or, a signficant research essay undertaken with a faculty member or directed independent study that has resulted in high-marks; or, a piece currently in preparation for publication; 
  • Submissions fall into 25 categories, each with their own submission criteria.

Application Process

Complete submission details are available online: http://www.undergraduateawards.com/submit/.

Additional application and program FAQs are available here: http://www.undergraduateawards.com/submit/faqs/