Student Creativity Grants

Support students' original ideas for the creation and presentation of projects in the arts.

The Student Creativity Grants support students' original ideas for the creation and presentation of projects in the arts. We are particularly interested in funding projects that create opportunities for collaboration between arts and other disciplines.

Proposals are accepted only from University-based Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), or individual students. Grant requests can range between $1,500 and $7,500. Students seeking amounts below $1,500 should inquire about the Student Fine Arts Fund, and any submitted applications requesting less than $1,500 will be automatically transferred to that program for review.

Student Creativity Grants provide seed funding for new artistic ventures and should not be considered a source of continued funding. A request for renewed support of a project previously supported via a Student Creativity Grant is unlikely to be successful unless the proposal introduces a significant change or addition to the project.

Applications are reviewed quarterly. Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals one or two quarters in advance of any publication, presentation, or performance date. Events occurring shortly after the notification date may be disqualified from consideration.

Deadline Information

Fall Quarter Deadline: Suspended

Winter Quarter Deadline: Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spring Quarter Deadline: Sunday, April 25, 2021

Eligibility Requirements

Registered UChicago students and Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are eligible to apply. Students must also be registered at the proposed dates of project completion and/or presentation (for example, funding will not be awarded to students who plan to complete the project after graduation, or during a leave of absence. Students partnering with a non-campus entity must be playing a leading role in the development and implementation of the project.

Student Creativity Grants cannot support:

  • conferences and symposia (except possibly for the arts performance or other creative component of such events)
  • food and receptions
  • the production of CDs, DVDs, or other media for sale
  • University of Chicago faculty or full-time staff honoraria
  • capital or infrastructural improvements unrelated to a specific project
  • re-granting programs, where the recipient group seeks funds that they would then award to others

Please note that students who submit proposals to the Student Creativity Grants and Student Fine Arts Fund in the same quarter will only be considered for one funding stream. A project cannot receive Summer Fellowship funding in addition to funding from another arts grant program.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted through the UChicago Arts SlideRoom page by 11:59pm on the deadline date. Late applications will not be accepted except in the case of technical issues with SlideRoom. If technical issues occur, please contact us immediately.

To submit a proposal, create a SlideRoom account, click on the Student Creativity Grants program, and complete the application. Budgets, bios, and supporting materials (photography, music, video, etc.) should be uploaded along with the application in your SlideRoom submission.

If you do not receive a confirmation message after submitting your application, please contact us. Please note that only those applications submitted through SlideRoom will be considered for the grant.

Required application materials include the following:

  • Project summary (~75 words)
  • Project narrative (~750 words)
  • Evidence of prior experience/coursework
  • Promotion plan (~150 words)
  • Project budget
  • Artistic biographies

You may also submit up to 3 files of supporting material (e.g. slides, designs, audio or video items, etc.).