Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

A nationwide program that allows students to pursue commissions (become officers) in the United States Armed Services while simultaneously attending college. Scholarships are available.

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) is a program offered at more than 1,100 colleges and universities that  prepares students to become comissioned officers in the US Armed Forces while earning a college degree. Participants not only earn money for their college educations, but develop time-management skills, analytical skills, and physical fitness.

Cadets enrolled in an Army or Air Force ROTC program who successfully complete both ROTC training and college degree requirements will graduate and simultaneously commission as Second Lieutenants on Active Duty.

UChicago students who are interested in ROTC will work with other schools in the Chicago area.  Army ROTC is coordinated by the University of Illinois-Chicago - - and the Air Force ROTC program is coordinated by Illinois Institute of Technology -

General Army ROTC Scholarships and Air Force ROTC Scholarships are  available, ranging up to full tuition support. Students interested in scholarships must work directly through the designated ROTC programs.  

NOTE: Location varies from on-campus to Crosstown campus.

Deadline Information

Deadline: Ongoing


To become a Commissioned Officer in the US Armed Forces, students must complete a three- or four-year ROTC program, which consists of several of classes and a corresponding Leadership Laboratory for each year, where students apply leadership skills, demonstrate command and effective communication, develop physical fitness, and practice military customs and courtesies.

Eligibility Requirements

ROTC is open to entering first-year and rising second-year students.  In some cases, third year students may be eligible; please check with the ROTC unit. In addition, applicants must meet the following basic eligiblility requirements:

  • Enrolled in an accredited college that hosts or has a cross-town agreement with an Air Force ROTC detachment.
  • A United States citizen (if on scholarship).
  • In good physical condition.
  • Of good moral character.
  • 14 years or older (17 years old to receive a scholarship).
  • Committed to attending both the aerospace studies class and Leadership Lab each semester.

Additional standards and requirements apply - visit or for further information.

Application Process

Please contact Beau Butts ( for ROTC and military related questions.