Nicholson Center for British Studies Undergraduate Travel Grant

Funds undergraduate BA research related to the British Isles

The Nicholson Center for British Studies is pleased to announce the 2018-19 travel grant competition for undergraduate BA thesis research in the British Isles.

The Nicholson Center is happy to support a senior project proposed by any Humanities, Social Sciences, or New Collegiate Division undergraduate who is within a year of graduating, provided that the student requires research – whether in the form of archival, visual, or oral materials – in the British Isles to complete his/her senior thesis. Applicants need not have the British Isles themselves as the subject of their research. We will happily support work on Africa, South Asia, East Asia, North America, the Middle East, or the West Indies that requires substantial research in the British Isles. Research in and projects on Ireland also meet our requirements. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate their need to conduct research on their senior project in the British Isles.

Deadline Information

Deadline: TBA

Eligibility Requirements

University of Chicago undergraduate students from the Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions and the New Collegiate Division are eligible. Students should be completing their degree between December 2018 and December 2019.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted no later than by the day of the deadline to Jeanne Fitzsimmons, Classics Building, Room 112 (, 773-834-3403). 

Please note that all applications must meet the criteria listed below.

-Applicants must submit both paper and electronic copies of the application.** 

-Paper copies may be mailed or dropped off by the day of the deadline.
[The office--Classics, Rm. 112-- is only open on a part-time basis.  If noone is ther when you come to drop off the paper version, please slip under the door.]

-Electronic copies should be e-mailed as a single Word or PDF attachment (no larger than 5MB) to [Note: If you are having difficulty combining the PDF of your academic history/electronic transcript with the rest of your electronic application, you may send as a separate PDF but this must be ATTACHED TO THE SAME EMAIL as the one document containing the rest of your electronic application.]

The application materials include:

  • Nicholson Undergraduate Travel Grant Cover Sheet
  • 2-page statement of purpose, which includes a description of the unique materials to be examined in the British Isles.
  • An estimate of the funds needed to complete the project
  • Unofficial Transcript (for electronic application copy submitted, you may send  a PDF of your academic history or electronic transcript)
    NOTE: If you are having trouble attaching your transcript to the rest of your application, send as a separate attachment (attached to the same email as the rest of your application and we will combine it.)
  • Letter of recommendation from a University of Chicago faculty member, lecturer or academic advisor who is familiar with the student's project (hard copy or electronic copy sent directly to