MEDical Informatics eXperiences in undergraduate research

Offers interdisciplinary research experience in medical imaging. For all undergraduates; $5,000 stipend and housing allowance.

The Medical Informatics (MedIX) program’s main objectives are to encourage talented undergraduates to pursue graduate education and to expose students to interdisciplinary research, especially at the border of information technology and medicine. 

All of the projects on which students will work are inspired by state-of-the-art research questions in imaging informatics.  Students will work as part of faculty-undergraduate teams on new problems ranging from traditional image processing (e.g. liver segmentation and computer-aided diagnosis, breast density assessment for cancer detection) to structured reporting and natural language processing of radiology reports, to workflow and process re-engineering to the application of data mining and ontology-based means for image annotation and markup (e.g. lung nodule detection and interpretation). Ultimately, each project has the long-term potential to increase the quality of healthcare available to people everywhere.

Faculty mentors will conduct tutorials on imaging informatics, conduct biweekly meetings of students and mentors, and create an environment that will expose students to all phases of research and graduate school.  Students will participate in defining the direction of their research, give presentations to the group as well as other audiences, write up  and publish research results in the format of a conference or journal article, and participate in relevant conferences.

The MedIX REU site will be hosted by two interdisciplinary laboratories: the Medical Informatics Laboratory at DePaul University and the Imaging Research Institute at the University of Chicago; the research environment will offer the students the opportunity to interact with computer scientists, medical physicists, and medical doctors.

Deadline Information

Application Submission Deadline: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Eligibility Requirements

1st, 2nd, or 3rd year undergraduates

U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Application Process

Online Application including references due March 2019.