Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics Undergraduate Ethics Symposium

Honors Conference on Biomedical Ethics and Ethics & Race.

Since its first year, 2007-08, The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics has sponsored the DePauw Undergraduate Ethics Symposium, building on the Institute’s focus on inquiry into a wide range of ethics issues.

The Prindle Institute is pleased to announce the tenth annual DePauw Undergraduate Ethics Symposium from April 19-21, 2018 on the theme "Representing Disability."

The symposium is held at DePauw University's Prindle Institute for Ethics, located in a 500 acre nature park. Participating undergraduate students attend seminars with visiting scholars and artists and also hear presentations on the symposium's theme. Students who are accepted to the symposium will receive free lodging and meals but are expected to seek travel funds from their own institutions. Limited need-based travel grants are available.

The Institute welcomes submissions from undergraduate creative writers, artists and filmmakers as well as scholars, as they believe the arts are an essential component to the exploration of ethics in society. Scholars should submit a paper on a topic of ethical inquiry or exploration. Writers, artists and filmmakers may submit a short story, series of poems, short play, short screenplay or short film in which an ethical topic and/or dilemma is central.

Deadline Information

Deadline: Friday, February 1, 2019

Application Process

Students interested in attending the conference should submit a sample of their writing as an application.

The following are the length requirements for different types of submissions:

  • Analytic essays - 3,500 word maximum
  • Works of fiction - 3,500 word maximum
  • Research & analysis - 3,500 maximum
  • Poetry - 5 to 10 poems
  • Plays - one-act or comparable length
  • Photographs - approximately 10 photos with a 300 word narrative explaining the ethical issue being addressed
  • Films/documentaries - up to 10 minutes long