Federal Opportunities for Undergraduates in STEM

Database of federally supported research, fellowship, and scholarship opportunities for students in STEM

The STEMUndergrads.science.gov site was established to be the primary source for searching Federally-sponsored opportunities for undergraduate students and undergraduate programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) areas. These opportunities range from scholarships and research internships that undergraduate students can apply to directly to funding opportunities for academic institutions to establish innovative undergraduate training programs.

Users of the site may search for program opportunities using a set of standardized categories - such as STEM discipline, institutional location where the undergraduate opportunity takes place, and Federal agency sponsor - as well as through using a keyword search. Each search result provides a brief program description and a direct link to the sponsoring agency's program website. Interested applicants should follow the sponsoring agency's procedures for applying.

Deadline Information

Application deadlines vary by position

Eligibility Requirements

Varies by position

U.S. citizen required

Application Process