Explorers Club Grant , Youth Activity Fund

$500-$5,000 grants for field research.

The Explorers Club is proud of its history but also looks toward the future by recognizing the importance of new ideas and avenues of exploration. The Club is deeply committed to supporting the fieldwork of serious researchers and, as part of its public service commitment, offers the following exploration grants:

  • High School and College Undergraduate Grant:

The goal of this grant category is to foster a new generation of explorers dedicated to the advancement of the scientific knowledge of our world. The average award is approximately $1,500.

  • Graduate Student and Immediate Post-Doc Grant:

This category of grant supports exploration and field research for those who are just beginning their research careers. The average award is approximately $2,500.


Deadline Information

5:00 PM EST: Friday, December 4, 2020

Eligibility Requirements

Must be a high school student, an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a post-doc.

Application Process

A complete application contains the following:

  • One page description of your project with attention to scientific objectives.
  • Description of qualifications of your project associates and the specific sites of your proposed research.
  • One paragraph description of your career objectives and aspirations and how this project fits into that plan.
  • Letter of recommendation from your supervisor
  • Copy of a current student ID.
  • Budget outline.