Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grants

Awards CAD $15,000 to artists who work in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpting or printmaking, are in the early or developmental stage of their career.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation provides financial assistance by way of grants to young artists who are pursuing their studies or are in the early or developmental stage of their career, are working in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture or printmaking, and demonstrate the determination and talent to pursue a lifetime career in their art practice.

First grants are in the amount of CAD $15,000 each, and subsequent grants are in the amount of CAD $18,000 each (maximum three grants).

Deadline Information

Deadline: Ongoing

The Foundation welcomes applications throughout the year; there is no deadline for submitting an application.

Eligibility Requirements

Only those applicants who work in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture or printmaking will be considered.  No other artistic activities or disciplines are funded. The following activities, in particular, are not eligible for a grant: commercial art, graphic design and illustration; photography; animation; video art, film and digital art; crafts; decorative arts; and any work that falls primarily into these categories. The Foundation does not provide funding for the pursuit of abstract or non-objective art.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, no older than 41 years of age, and in the early stage of their career, either as a student or as an emerging artist in the process of launching their career.

The Foundation has no geographic, citizenship or residency requirements. Applicants must be individuals applying on their own behalf. Artistic groups, collectives and organizations are not eligible.

Application Process

Applications must be completed and submitted online. Applications submitted in any other manner, including by email, mail or otherwise, will not be accepted.

The material and documents required to apply include:

  • Proof of identity: Government-issued photo ID and proof of citizenship, current address, and date of birth.
  • Portfolio: Images of six representative works (no more or less) produced in the last two years. These must be original works produced by the applicant alone.
  • Proof of Acceptance: If the applicant is applying to further his or her art education or training, a proof of acceptance or enrollment from the institution where he or she intends to study or train.
  • Artistic Proposal: A description of the proposed work, project or course of study or training that the applicant intends to undertake with a grant from The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation.
  • Artist Statement: A brief artist statement relating to the applicant's previous and current work.
  • Budget: A budget for the proposed work, project, or course of study or training described in the applicant's Artistic Proposal.
  • Letter of Reference: A letter of reference from a teacher or professor, an artist or curator who is familiar with both the applicant and the applicant's work and is able to support his or her application.

All documents and material (including the letter of reference) must be submitted in French or in English.

Candidates may only access the application by creating an account and completing an eligibility questionnaire on the Foundation’s website.

For more details about the application process, visit the Foundation's website.