Ecole Polytechinique de Lausanne School of Life Sciences

Supports Summer research in the life sciences in Switzerland.

The Lab

Each student will be matched with a specific laboratory based on the student's interest and background. The student will be working as as member of the research group for a period of eight weeks under supervision of the lab head or a member of his/her research group (graduate student or postdoctoral fellow) on a specific project related to the laboratory's research programs.  The lab assignments are decided  within a week or two after the selection process is completed. 

Weekly Seminars/Workshops

The participants will attend a series of weekly workshops given by faculty and researchers from the EPFL and UNIL. The workshops cover a variety of topics ranging from presentation skills, preparing for graduate school and  careers in science. In addition, one session will be devoted to the participants presenting their own summer research project. The goals of these workshops are to broaden the participants’ scientific knowledge, to understand and appreciate the importance and impact of basic research in their everyday life and encourage them to pursue a career in science.

Poster Presentation

Each participant will be required to present the results of their research at a student symposium held at the end of the program. This symposium provides an opportunity for participants to experience presenting their data to their peers and the scientific community at the EPFL and UNIL.

Deadline Information

Deadline: Friday, January 31, 2020

Eligibility Requirements

2nd year or higher

3.75 GPA

Application Process

Applicants must submit a complete on-line application, including pdf uploads of the following:

  •  CV (1 - 2 pages)
  • A motivation letter (maximum 1000 words) summarizing
  1. your academic background and scientific interests and
  2. the rationale, aim and conclusion of any previous research experience.
  • A short explanation of your host lab choices and how you may fit into their research. A few lines will suffice.
  • A copy of your university academic transcript or school official list of classes and grades up to the moment of the SRP application. An unofficial copy provided by your university is also acceptable. Please use English or one of the major European languages. You may translate your transcript yourself and have a faculty member sign it to verify its authenticity.
  • Two e-mail addresses of faculty or instructors who are familiar with you and are in a position to assess your capabilities and potential for a career in science. If you have had the opportunity to work in a lab, please include a recommendation from the lab head as one of your recommendations. A link will be sent to the referee shortly after you carefully fill in their names and contact information, upload the information and click the "invite" button. 
    IMPORTANT - Please fill in your name on the application before you invite your professors to write a reference letter. Otherwise, the link to the referee will not have your name on it!