Bodossaki Foundation Distinguished Young Scientists Award

Awards 10,000 EUR to outstanding young scientists of Greek nationality or descent.

The Bodossaki Foundation announces the award of monetary prizes for distinguished scholars of Greek decent who are under the age of 45 years old. These prizes aim to support the creative work of young Greek scientists and to reward their commitment and effort to the advancement of science as well as to contribute to the promotion of exemplary role models for the society.

The eligible fields are:

Science :
Theory or Experiment 
Nuclear Physics – Elementary Particle Physics – Astroparticle Physics

Applied Science :
Solid and Fluid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Materials, Geo-technical Systems

Social-Economic Sciences :
Economic Science or Political Science

Biosciences :
Medicine or Biology

Deadline Information

Deadline: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible to apply are young scientists of Greek nationality or descent, born after December 31, 1980, active in the following scientific fields: Science, Applied Science, Social – Economic sciences, and Bio-sciences.

Application Process

Candidates should be nominated by Universities, Institutions or scientists of the same or a senior level in the candidate’s area of expertise or by the Head of a research institution. The candidate's written consent is required

The following documents should be submitted electronically to

1. Letter of nomination indicating the candidate’s scientific field, describing his/her activities and achievements in relation to the field of his/her candidacy and with reference to the nominee’s publications. (There is no specific form).

2. The candidate’s written consent for his/her nomination.

3. A full curriculum vitae (please include father’s name, date of birth, tax registration no., I.D. or passport number, home and work address, tel. no., e-mail address, etc). 

Candidates should request three (3) scientists of their area of expertise (Referees), who are in a position to evaluate their work, to forward letters of recommendation directly to the Foundation, no later than October 15,2020.