Émigré Memorial German Internship Program–German State Parliaments (EMGIP)

Provides U.S. and Canadian students with internships at a German state parliament (Landtag).

This program provides students an excellent opportunity to gain government work experience, improve their advanced German language skills, and learn about German culture firsthand.

This professional opportunity overseas is ideal for students planning on pursuing careers at a regional level of government in the United States or Canada, or who have an interest in a specific policy issue such as the environment, education, or healthcare.

EMGIP runs three times a year—fall, spring, and early summer—for one to three months, depending on elections, holiday schedules and state offices’ preferences.

Program Benefits

  • Monthly stipends to ensure a total monthly salary of EUR 670 for U.S. citizens
    (or EUR 400 if free housing is provided)
  • One- to three-month internship in a German Landtag in target internship field
  • Health insurance (at an additional cost of $55 per month)
  • Pre-departure orientation mailing
  • Housing assistance
  • Work authorization services
  • Support throughout the program in Germany and the United States
  • Re-entry information about marketing your experience abroad in the United States

Deadline Information

For Summer 2020: Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates for EMGIP must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • U.S. or Canadian citizen
  • Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at accredited U.S. or Canadian colleges and universities before, during and after the program may apply.
  • 18–30 years of age
  • High-intermediate German skills (oral & written). Candidates must be able and willing to communicate in German and possess good command of professional vocabulary in field.
  • Minimum of two years of university level studies in a field related to one of the following: international relations, public administration, political science, law, economics, European studies with emphasis on Germany, German or German studies, with a minor in one of the fields listed
  • Some relevant work experience (e.g. internship, volunteer work, summer job). It is important that a candidate knows how to adjust to a professional environment and how to use theoretical skills in the workplace.

Application Process

The application (found online here) includes:

  1. Completed online application form
  2. Professional Photo (example)

    Your photo should be the same size and format as a passport photo, taken from the shoulder up in front of a monochromatic background. You should wear business attire. The picture can be taken with a digital camera but should be good quality.

  3. Copies of official college/university transcripts, diplomas, or professional certificates

  4. If your internship is mandatory, please include a letter verifying this

  5. Current resume in English

  6. Letter of recommendation from a current or former employer

  7. Letter of recommendation from a professor in your field

  8. Recommendation form to be completed by a German professor or instructor

    Recommenders can email the PDF directly to us at emgip@daad.org  or they can mail a hard copy of the document to our New York office. Please use only this form.

  9. Copy of the picture page of your passport

  10. Verpflichtungserklärung (Formal Obligation) (example)

    This document verifies support by a third party, typically a parent or guardian. The form is a necessary step for acquiring your work authorization and must be submitted even if you support yourself financially. Please use only the form linked to on this website.

  11. Completed Certificate of Enrollment

    This document must be signed and stamped by the registrar at your university. We are unable to accept forms printed on university letterhead. Please use only the form linked to on this website.

  12. Lebenslauf (example provided on the website)

    This is the German equivalent of a resume. Please see our example for more details. Your German resume should reflect the same skills and experience as your English resume.

  13. Language Test

    You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to submit the language test as part of your online application. Please type your answers directly into the language test and save it as a .pdf file before uploading it in the Document section of the online application. If you experience problems filling out the test electronically, please complete it by hand, scan, and email it to emgip@daad.org 

  14. Personal statement in German titled “Was ich von dem ‘EMGIP – German State Parliaments Program’ erwarte.” The statement should not exceed one typewritten page (1.5 spacing, 12 point font) and should address the following topics:
    •  Why you want to participate in the program
    •  What your career goals are and how this internship will help you achieve those goals
    •  What your expectations are regarding the type of internship you would like to have
    •  What you have to offer as an intern
  15. $75 application fee