/Modern Philology/ Undergraduate Research Assistant

Opportunity Description:

Research assistant for the journal /Modern Philology/ with responsibilities for social media, database development, and other related tasks as needed.

Primary Responsibilities: 

Work with editors and editing manager to promote new and forthcoming essays and reviews on social media; research past issues of the journal to generate social media content; contribute to the ongoing development of a database of past issues; assist with other journal-related duties as needed.

Minimum Qualifications and/or Eligibility Requirements: 

Must be a current University of Chicago undergraduate student with advanced writing skills and awareness of conventions of humanities scholarship.

Preferred Skills: 

Experience in literary studies, publishing, social media, and/or digital humanities and database building are desirable.

Required Courses (Optional): 


Recommended Training (Optional): 

Training provided as needed.

Knowledge or skills gained from the experience: 

Reading, assessing, and disseminating scholarly research and writing; publishing and social media; database building and management

Application Deadline: 

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Application Requirements: 

  • Submit CV
  • 350 Word Statement of Interest
  • For more information on this opportunity, please contact:

    Timothy Campbell
    Faculty Title: 
    Associate Professor
    Faculty Web Page
    Affiliated Research Institutes (Optional): 

    Modern Philology (Journal)