CCRF Advising, Support, and Updates: Spring Quarter 2020

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) will continue to advise students on undergraduate research opportunities, grant processes, and major national fellowships throughout Spring Quarter. There will be no disruption to our support of your efforts, just some minor changes in how we do it.

Undergraduate research and national fellowship advising: Staff are available to meet with all students and recent alumni by phone, Zoom, MS Teams, or Skype. Please make appointments as you normally do through the College Advising appointment management system. Our contact information is available here: Once you have booked your appointment, please email the appropriate staff member with your preferred method of communication and contact details (phone/Zoom/MS Teams/Skype). 

National fellowship application processes and support: If you are currently in the Fulbright and/or Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes cohorts, your advising support and campus application processes will proceed as planned. There are no changes to draft deadlines, campus deadlines, or national deadlines or processes. Campus interviews for Fulbright and the MMR programs will move to online platforms, as necessary. We will stay in close communication with all of our students currently involved in campus and national application processes. 

Fellowship advising and campus application support processes will proceed as planned for Schwarzman, Knight-Hennessy, and awards with Autumn Quarter deadlines. Please carefully review all weekly listservs for announcements about campus application and support processes; support for these awards begins in the Spring quarter each year.  

Current Boren Scholars: Please note that all current Boren Awardees are required to evacuate back to the United States no later than Sunday, March 22, 2020. You should contact your Boren advisor at IIE and make necessary arrangements.

Current Gilman Scholars: The State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs requires all Gilman Scholars globally to return to the United States as soon as possible. Note that Gilman Scholars returning now to the United States will not change their status as a Gilman alumnus/a, nor will it require that any funding be returned to the Gilman Program.  

Current Fulbright Scholars: CCRF encourages current 2019-2020 Fulbright Scholars to be in communication with the Fulbright Commission in their host countries and to heed the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs' Worldwide Voluntary Departure Notice, which "strongly advises grantees to make arrangements to depart their country of assignment as soon as possible."

2020 Critical Language Scholarship Program: CLS summer language institutes for 2020 have been suspended. Note that all 2020 CLS finalists or alternates will be able to re-apply for the 2021 CLS Program, regardless of whether they are still enrolled in a degree-seeking program at that time.    

2020 Gilmam Scholarship Applicants: The Gilman Program is delaying the review of applications submitted in March 2020 until August. Students awarded Gilman Scholarships for summer programs (i.e. those beginning between May 1 and July 31, 2020) will be required to defer their awards to programs starting no earlier than August 1.

SPR 2020 undergraduate research appointments funded through the CCRF: 

On Monday, 3/16/2020, the University of Chicago issued a statement to "limit the number of people physically present in the research environment to only essential individuals. All people who can conduct their work remotely should do so right away." You can find detailed information here: In particular, note the following: 

  • For those who are able to conduct research with no one physically present on campus, research activities should transition online immediately.
  • For those who conduct human subjects research involving person-to-person contact that does not directly benefit the subject, those activities should be suspended immediately.

For further guidance and policies regarding the University’s response to COVID-19, please visit: Please note you are required to comply with institutional policy restricting access to any campus facilities, including the University Libraries.

In accordance with this mandate and until further notice, the College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) requires all students pursuing research supported by the CCRF or its affiliated programs either pursue their research remotely or resume in Autumn quarter 2020*, if possible. CCRF provides the following advisory for all students funded through these programs: the College Research Fellows Program, Hoeft Undergraduate Research Award, Liews Family College Research Fellows fund, the Dean’s Fund for Undergraduate Research Project Award, the College Global Health Research Scholars program, the CRASSH Scholars program, the Neubauer Undergraduate Research scholars, and the Smart Museum Research Associates and Scholars programs. Please read the following carefully and proceed accordingly:

  1. Connect with your research mentor as soon as possible. It is important that you maintain an open line of communication with them.
  2. Work with your research mentor on the feasibility of undertaking your research remotely. If that is possible, we encourage you to do so. Your funding will continue as per your original award letter.
  3. Following discussions with your research mentor, please send an email to the CCRF research team at indicating your intentions to: a) pursue your research remotely for Spring quarter, or b) resume your research appointment and funding in Autumn 2020*.
  4. If you received research funding for Spring Quarter and are unable to pursue your research remotely, we will honor your award and support the resumption of your appointment with funding in Autumn 2020.
  5. If you are continuing your research with the support of an award made during a previous quarter or that was recently renewed (e.g. CRASSH), you may either continue that work remotely as determined by your mentor or resume your appointment with funding in Autumn 2020*. 
  6. If you are a graduating 4th-year student and unable to undertake your research remotely, we regret that we are unable to fund your Spring quarter research experience. Please note that undergraduate research opportunities and funding are not available to graduates.
  7. Research awards made through CCRF and affiliated programs cannot be paid out retroactively, even if you held the research appointment previous to receiving the award. Your grant began from the date of your award letter and cannot be applied to previous research.
  8. Awards funded through work-study: students who go on extended status cannot receive work-study funds. If you received a research grant partially funded through work-study and intend to go on extended-leave, please let the CCRF research team know immediately ( 
  9. Awards made in the coming weeks for summer research experiences will proceed as normal, unless we are informed otherwise (PRISM, College Summer Research Fellowships, Dean’s Fund for Undergraduate Research, College Summer Institute, Galapagos Program). We are closely monitoring institutional, national, and international travel restrictions, which may be relevant if you apply for summer research funding that includes travel. 

           *Summer 2020 research continuations instead of autumn may be discussed for non-graduating students if requested.

Again, the above guidance is provided by the CCRF exclusively for students who have received funding through the following programs: the College Research Fellows Program, Hoeft Undergraduate Research Award, Liews Family College Research Fellows Fund, Dean’s Fund for Undergraduate Research (Project Awards), College Global Health Research Scholars program, CRASSH Scholars program, Neubauer Undergraduate Research Scholars, and the Smart Museum Research Associates and Scholars programs.

The CCRF is not responsible for establishing guidelines, policies, or protocols for the following: undergraduate research appointments secured directly with faculty, departments, research institutes, or the medical center or through grants/scholars programs not listed above. This also includes: research appointments with external entities; Metcalf internships or Metcalf funded research experiences; or, student employment positions. Please contact the departments or units responsible for those experiences directly. The CCRF cannot provide counsel on any programs or awards it does not facilitate.

Questions or concerns about CCRF-managed undergraduate research funding should be directed to Tracy Nyerges and Nichole Fazio at

Summer undergraduate research grant programs: The College Summer Research Fellows program, PRISM grant program, and CCRF-sponsored summer research programs, including the College Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities, will proceed as planned. You can find information about these opportunities online here:

Spring Quarter information sessions (research and fellowships): We will aim to offer all information sessions scheduled for Spring Quarter in multiple formats – utilizing online platforms for "live" sessions, as well as recording our sessions and workshops. In addition to sessions offered by the CCRF and our campus partners, national fellowship foundations will also continue to offer their information sessions and webinars via online platforms. We will keep you informed about all opportunities through our weekly listservs. All workshops, information sessions, and CCRF-seminars are posted here:

Ongoing research support - University Libraries: The University of Chicago library system is available to provide support for your ongoing research and academic efforts. Please consult their website for information on how to connect remotely with librarians, access resources, and much more here: Additional information on expanded study spaces for exams week, policies on returning materials and adjusted due dates, and so forth can be found on their updates page here:

The College Center for Research and Fellowships cannot advise on programs or research appointments it does not functionally support. If you have secured research directly with faculty, departments, and research institutes, you must consult directly with them regarding their current policy on Spring Quarter research appointments and funding. CCRF staff also cannot advise you on travel; please defer to current institutional policies on all University-related travel (including research). Please consult with the following units as relevant: