From Dean John W. Boyer

Dear Student, 

I write to inform you of a new initiative in the College that is designed to encourage and facilitate opportunities for undergraduate students to be introduced to the world of scholarly research. 

The College Center for Scholarly Advancement (CCSA) has expanded its function to include the oversight of undergraduate research. Renamed the College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF), the Center now offers students and faculty a centralized resource and advising hub for undergraduate research, in addition to its role of guiding students’ pursuit of nationally competitive fellowships and post-graduate experiences. The intent is to enable undergraduates to more easily connect with research opportunities across campus and beyond, while providing faculty, Departments, and Divisions with programmatic and administrative support in engaging undergraduates in the University’s research enterprise. 

CCRF was conceptualized in partnership with Collegiate Masters and operates through the Dean of Students Office in the College. Directed by Nichole Fazio, DPhil, CCRF is comprised of staff with many years of professional expertise in undergraduate research and fellowships, and includes dedicated advisers who support undergraduates in their pursuit of research while providing guidance on funding and disseminating their work. 

As you seek support about how to get involved in research, I encourage you to be in touch with the staff of the CCRF. In addition to advising students, CCRF works with your faculty in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM to help facilitate in-depth research opportunities and create unique undergraduate research models. It has also established collaborative educational partnerships with Regenstein Library and Social Sciences IRB. In 2019, CCRF will host the first annual Undergraduate Research Week to celebrate undergraduate research accomplishments, and the second-annual College Summer Research Institute in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, which provides selected students the opportunity to undertake intensive intellectual training and research with accomplished UChicago scholars and peers. CCRF welcomes the opportunity to serve as resource for all undergraduates interested in pursuing research at UChicago and beyond.

Students may learn more about CCRF and undergraduate research by visiting the CCRF website. Those who wish to set up an advising appointment with CCRF staff to discuss engaging in research should inquire here.


John W. Boyer, Dean of the College
Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor of History