STEM InfoChart


Scholarships and Fellowships




Application Quarter, Year

Application Materials

Letters of Recommendation

Goldwater Scholarship*

Undergraduate funding for PhD-bound researchers

$7,500 in academic funding

Fall Quarter (December),
2nd and 3rd Year

Two page essay highlighting research/academic area of interest

3, written to explicitly highlight research experience

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Freedom to pursue research via funding for graduate school

Three year stipend of $34,000

Fall Quarter
(Late October/November), 4th Year or Alumni

Three Page “Personal” statement; Graduate Research Plan Statement


Churchill Scholarship*

Supports outstanding STEM students to pursue one-year Masters at Churchill College, University of Cambridge

1 year of fully funded graduate study at University of Cambridge

Fall Quarter (October),
4th Year or Alumni

Personal Statement/Program of Study explanation

4 (from inside of your discipline)

Astronaut Scholarship*

To support leadership amongst the best and brightest STEM students

$10,000 in academic funding

Winter Quarter (February) 2nd and 3rd year

One page, single spaced, Personal Statement



Research Internships in Science and Engineering in Germany

Funded summer internships

Fall Quarter (November through December)

Cover letter for each internship, CV



* Requires UChicago endorsement (facilitated through CCSA)


The College Center for Scholarly Advancement

5th Floor, Harper Memorial Library