Graduate Education for Minorities (GEM) Fellowship Program

Provides funding for minority students to pursue an MS or PhD in engineering, computer science, or applied science

 The GEM Fellowship was designed to focus on promoting opportunities for individuals to enter industry at the graduate level in areas such as research and development, product development, and other high level technical careers. GEM also offers exposure opportunities to a number of opportunities in academia.

GEM MS Engineering Fellows receive a $16,000 stipend, which may be supplemented by the GEM Member University. The funding for the MS Award is for up to four semesters or up to six quarters.

The funding for the Ph.D. programs is up to the 5th year of the PhD program. One year is funded through the GEM National Office (via sponsorship from a GEM Employer and the GEM University). During the remaining years of the PhD program (up to the fifth year), GEM Fellows are funded at the same level of other funded doctorate students in the department. GEM Fellows may be expected to accept a teaching or research assistantship. GEM Universities may place additional requirements on GEM Fellows, such as requiring that GEM Fellows obtain in-state residency. GEM Fellows must check with individual GEM Member University representatives to determine if additional requirements exist at that university.

Deadline Information

Early Consideration Deadline: Monday, October 1, 2018

Final Submission Deadline: Monday, November 12, 2018

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are targeted for participation who are members of the following under-represented groups in science and engineering as defined by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • American Indian/Native
  • African American/Black
  • Hispanic American/Latino

Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident at time of application.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to take the GRE to qualify for multiple GEM Member University programs. Applicants will be asked to provide test dates and/or GRE scores when available.

Applicants must agree to apply to a minimum of three GEM Member Universities to apply to graduate school. Applicants must be admitted into a GEM Member University graduate program before the GEM Fellowship is awarded.

Additional program-specific requirements can be found on the opportunity's website.

Application Process

Prospective applicants should register and submit material's through the opportunity's online application system.