College Dean's Fund for Student Life

College Dean's Fund for Student Life

The Dean's Fund for Student Life offers students in the College opportunities to advance their chosen academic and professional goals, as these undertakings serve as an important source of innovation and learning for our campus culture.  Funded by donations from generations of alumni, the Fund exists to support and implement student ideas and development while also contributing to the academic and social life of the College.

The Fund supports students and their ideas by sponsoring one-time projects as well as by providing support for the Uncommon Fund.  Applicants are encouraged to develop smaller proposals that offer a student or group unique opportunities; students seeking renewable funding should seek the advice of the Center for Leadership and Involvement or their academic department.

Grant amounts usually range from $750–$1,500.

Deadline Information

Deadline: Ongoing

Submissions are accepted no later than the last day of the month between September and April of each academic year

Eligibility Requirements

General Requirements

  • Students may apply for the Dean's Fund at any time they are enrolled as a student and plan to be enrolled the following quarter.
  • Students may receive funding only once during their College career.
  • Funding requests made to the Dean's Fund are one-time requests and cannot be renewed.
  • Requests generally range from $750 - $1500.
  • Requests cannot have already received funding from another University entity for the same project need. For large or complex projects, specific portions not funded by other entities may be eligible for funding from the Dean's Fund. Example: You will be presenting at an academic conference, your department is covering your conference fees, but you need funding for travel.
  • Applications are due no later than midnight the last day of the month September through April.
  • Awards will be paid out as a stipend. The awardee will be responsible for reporting the stipend amount as income when filing tax returns (Form 1040). To receive the stipend, please see Katherine Karvunis in Harper Memorial Library 241. Students may be asked to provide a passport and DS2019 or I-20 (if not a US citizen) or a permanent resident card.*
  • Students who receive funding are required to submit a closing report. Due dates for closing reports will be communicated at the time funding is granted.

Requests for Travel Support

  • Requests for travel support should be submitted two months in advance.
  • Requests for travel should include travel dates and should cite the source of travel costs.

Requests for Conference Support

  • Students may only receive funding for conference participation if the student is presenting an academic paper or scientific poster or participating as a session facilitator or moderator.
  • The College values the networking, career exploration, and professional development opportunities afforded by many conferences, however we are unable to support these types of conference participation. 

Requests for BA/BS Research or Senior Thesis Support

  • Requests for BA/BS Research or Senior Thesis support must be made no later than the end of the autumn quarter of your final year.
  • Students in the third year of study are highly encouraged to submit proposals in the spring quarter for summer funding.

Requests for Equipment

  • Request for equipment should be made to the student's department of study.
  • Any funding for equipment provided by the College requires the return of the equipment to a University department at the conclusion of the project, as it is property of the University.

Application Process

Proposal Requirements

  • A description of the project that you would like the fund to support.
  • An itemized budget.
  • The support of a staff or faculty sponsor (which should include your Center for Leadership and Involvement advisor for RSO- or Uncommon Fund-related projects). 
    It is important that your sponsor approve your proposal in advance. Please don’t list a sponsor’s name without his or her knowledge as they will receive an email confirming their sponsorship with an opportunity to submit a statement on your behalf.
  • Applicants are highly encouraged to meet with Régine Desruisseaux Enuson, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of College Programming, prior to submitting a proposal.  It is helpful if you have a proposal draft in advance of that meeting.  Please allow at least a week before each monthly deadline to meet with Régine.  Students who choose to submt proposals prior to a discussion may be required to meet before the committee meeting and/or proposals may get shifted to the following committee meeting. Please visit the College Scheduling page to set an appointment time. Please allow 30 minutes for the meeting.