KSTF (Knowles Science Teaching Foundation) Science & Mathematics Teaching Fellowships

Up to five years of support for mathematics and science majors committed to teaching in high school.

KSTF Teaching Fellows are young men and women who have received a bachelor's or advanced degree in science, engineering or mathematics and are committed to teaching high school science and/or mathematics in U.S. schools. The fellowship supports them professionally and financially for up to five years through a teacher preparation program to eligibility for tenure.

During the initial academic year of the fellowship, fellows typically participate in a recognized teacher credentialing program. After receiving a teaching credential and beginning a career in teaching, fellows continue to receive training and support.

Each year, the fellows meet three times - in summer, fall and spring - occasionally in conjunction with a professional meeting for science or mathematics teachers. Fellows communicate electronically with each other regularly via electronic discussion boards. For those fellows who are full-time teachers, support is available for a local mentor and for instructional materials. During the summers, Teaching Fellows have opportunities to engage in professional development activities that will enhance their ability to teach science and mathematics.

Aside from receiving financial support, KSTF Teaching Fellows are part of a network of outstanding beginning teachers who are grappling with the same issues of teacher preparation and induction. Throughout the five-year fellowship, fellows are exposed to a variety of teaching resources, curriculum materials, research and experts in the field. Most importantly, fellows develop into a community of scholars of high school science and mathematics teaching - confident in their own teaching abilities, able to support each other, and ready to act as leaders in science and mathematics education.

Deadline Information

Application deadline for 2019 Teaching Fellowship : Thursday, November 1, 2018


As part of the five-year Teaching Fellowship, KSTF Teaching Fellows are required to: obtain a full-time high-school science or mathematics teaching position, participate in the KSTF community and adhere to KSTF policy guidelines.  Fellowship responsibilities will typically require a time commitment of 4-6 hours per month, over and above the time spent in in-person meetings and preparing proposals to submit for benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for consideration, individuals must:

  • have the capacity and determination to commit to teaching as their primary career;
  • have earned a degree in a major related to the mathematics or science discipline they intend to teach no later than September 1, 2018 (this degree should have been earned no more than 10 years ago);
  • have earned or will earn a valid state teaching credential/certificate/license that enables them to teach mathematics or science in grades 9-12 in the United States no earlier than January 1, 2013 and no later than September 1, 2018; and
  • be entering their first or second year as teacher of record during the 2018–2019 academic year.

If you have questions about eligibility, please contact us at apply@kstf.org.